Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes I Can

Oh Sweet Heavens yesterday marked another coo-coo thing in my life.  I set out 3 weeks ago to do 8 miles and then said what the hey, I'll do 10.   And I did them. 

So this time, I needed to do 12 miles.  And since I was going it alone, I drove out my distance in the car so I would be certain how far my 12 miles were.  Of course I drove them on the surface streets.  I most often use Griffith Park as my training ground.  And this trip was the same.  There are several different routes you can take, but I usually stay on the same path.  -ish.  haha

But I am not fond of out, turn around and return the same way.  So this time I went out via the LA River.  It mostly parallels the street that I measured my distance.  But what I was unaware of was the fact that somewhere between miles 5 and 6 the river bends slightly outward and the street that I had measured with the car bends slightly outward in the opposite direction.  By the river course I ended up adding a little more than a mile and a half.  When I figured out where I was in the neighborhood, I had to cut across to 'find' my turn-around. 

So yesterday, I completed another Half Marathon.  Even though I didn't get a "Swag" I have plenty of "I Can" in me.  Below is a picture of all of the Swags that I've earned.  In 3 weeks, I will add a new one to it.  The OBx Marathon medal.

And that makes me mighty proud of myself.  Good Morning World, I'm Proud!  (And Loud)

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