Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday 10/10 (DOUBLE DAY)

I met my friend Cynthia yesterday who mentioned she was doing the Baxter Stairs this morning.  So I asked to tag along and see how many I could do.  There are 230 stairs straight up the side of a small mountain/large hill.  I had done the Baxter a few years ago.  Back then, I had to sit down about 4 times on the way up.  Today, I did the Baxter 2.5 times.  For a total of about 530 stairs.  (That equates to about 44 floors!!!)

After the Baxter I came home and rested briefly before going to Yoga.  Whew what a day.  Yesterday's yoga helped loosen me up for today's.  All in all it was a great weekend of things to make me breathe!  I'm looking forward to having a different reason to breathe hard soon!

I was on a cleanse day today.  So there wasn't really much food, just liquids.  I did have a couple of celery stalks and a little bit of pickles.  The goal is liquids and supplements.  But I was very happy with all that I accomplished!!!  Tomorrow is my next weigh in and measure day.

So I knew that I was going to a party last Sunday, so I moved my Cleanse Day to Monday and weighed and measured on Tuesday.  The following were my results:

New Total Weight    264 lbs
New Total Inches     397.5  (Measured as indicated before)

So as of last Tuesday, I had lost another 3.5 lbs to bring my current total lost to 13 lbs.  I lost another 8 inches to bring my total inches lost to 27. 

At first I was unhappy about my weight loss.  I wanted another 6 to 8 lbs lost.  As soon as I felt disappointed, I sat down and really analysed how GREAT my weight loss was.  The easiest thing for me to do is to start doubting myself or pounding myself for not being an over-achiever.  Simply being a success is hard for me to accept.  But I was able to really work with my MIND again and realize that I really am freaking AWESOME!!! 

As a favor to me: Please be good to yourselves!  I've trying hard to master that concept for myself. 

Big Kiss

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