Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On the Road to 53!

lol  I started this blog as my journey to 50.  That milestone has past and thankfully I can still blog.  Not that I have done so in a long, long time, but the ability is still there.  So this week, I will resume blogging and hope that the results are fun for me and you too.



Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh my....

so I've been away from Blogging for two years.  Perhaps I didn't have anything to say, perhaps I was lazy, perhaps I was chasing something else, perhaps all of the above and more.

So I'm reacquainting myself with the remembrance of how blessed I am.  I can run and jump and hide from the truth, or look the other way, but in fact:  I AM BLESSED.  And I am thankful.

More soon. 


Saturday, August 18, 2012


So I promised that this one would be funny or at least light hearted.  Today on Facebook, a "recommended friend" was

Bud Cockerham

And I thought, it depends on how hungry I am.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

RANTING on the Road to Fifty

It's a FUCKING Chicken sandwich. 

I grew up with Chick-fil-a (CFA).  I also grew up mighty religious.  And these religious views were preached over and over to us.  Let me give you some examples:

BLACKS were an inferior race.  They were struck black either at the Tower of Babel or were descendants of Cain. 
Jews - Going to Hell
Catholics - Going to Hell
Most everyone outside of the Free Will Baptist religion were going to Hell.  According to the FBW church if just before dying in a head on car collision, you said "Oh Fuck Me!" you were going to Hell.  You must be forgiven by Christ or no heaven for you.  It was almost as bad as no chicken on Sunday.

We never cared whether CFA was open on Sunday, we were either at the steakhouse or at the Holiday Inn for the buffet lunch.  And trust me the H.I. was fierce and was overseen by a big woman who was such a delight: Mrs Kathleen Oringer.  (BTW, a Catholic, but it didn't matter, she was handing the food people.)

So of late, all of this bruhaha about CFA has been quite troubling to me.  So let me tell you my thoughts:

The more some of us move towards equality and peace of mind, the more some will rebel against it.  I have seen some people post some things that have shocked me.  "He is worried Gays will marry?"  "She supports US?"  They said what?  Oh heaven help us.  Some people who I never thought would be one way or the other have surprised me.  Some nice surprises and some not so nice surprises.  I have mostly stayed out of the fray for a few reasons:

1.  I don't want to spend time on negative shit that I can't fix
2.  I'd rather influence quietly rather than beat someone over the head

And here is some reasons why I think that Gay people are behind in this country.  We have allowed ourselves to become second class citizens.  The Ultra-Rich queers don't really care.  They write a check.  Why is Ellen not all over this?  Because of sponsors.  And she wants to be picked up for some more seasons.  I don't know that I am mad at her, but I do see it.  (See I have apathy!)

And then there are the "gay supporters".  I dislike Kathy Griffin.  And let me rant why.  She is all for "her gays" yet she couldn't stop talking about Clay Gaiken.  Or Gay Aiken.  Or whatever she kept calling Clay Aiken.  Funny that she could go on and on about him and no one stood up and said enough.  Maybe he just wanted to build his career like Ellen wants to build hers. 

Or what I consider the opposite:  Ricky Martin.  No queer thought he was straight, but until he semi-retired, he wasn't talking.  If you don't want to come out, don't.  But please don't ask me to love your Vida Loco once you do.  (OH RM didn't necessarily want me to like him, but almost every gay publication did.)  Until WE stop accepting one group making fun of ANY of us and demand our equal rights, we will remain in second class.

I for one will not be at CFA tomorrow for the kiss-in.  But if I wanted to I would. 

Let me be clear:

I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYONE.  Accept me or don't, I can not be bothered to worry about your opinion.  And for me, I won't delete F/B friends (or any other social site) who don't like Fags.  I want to see my opposition.  And for me, I will convert a few to my side.  It will just be slowly and quietly.

RANT over!
(I promise to make the next post funny.)

Sixth Road to Fifty

It seems like I might have gone "Off Road" but not really. 

After returning from Hawaii I've been busy with work.  Last weekend I went to the "Land of Sister Wives" for my 18th Half marathon.  The first 7.5 miles were truly downhill.  We had a time limit to get out of the park and we made.  We meaning me and the others in the Back of the Pack warrior group.  We made it out at an average pace of nearly 16 minutes a mile.  That's slow compared to the majority of runners, but for me, I usually average 20 minutes per mile, this was a GREAT accomplishment.  The next 5.5 miles were at a considerably slower pace dragging my overall time down, but still I finished ahead of my usual time, so I was very happy.

To say that Utah is clean might be an understatement.  Salt Lake City is the cleanest metropolitan city I have ever been in.  And while I do generally poke fun at everyone, these Mormons scared me a little.  They are a little too clean and bright and sunny and fucking happy.  I don't think it's natural without drugs.  The water did taste a little funny.  I hope it's drugs and not that I'm going to turn up pregnant.  They do seem a fertile group.  VERY fertile.  To hear people casually mention "her and her five kids"  blah blah blah and not "oh shit, she's got Five, count 'em FIVE kids" seems a little unique to me.  OK, it seems fucked up, not unique.  But who am I to say, if someone is Happy, I do think that's an accomplishment.  It just seemed a little dirty or repressed to me.  But I drink....

So let's see where the next Half marathon takes me.  BTW, I have done 18 (I said so above, haha).  I have done one in 10 states with California making up all of the others and representing the 11th state.

Rant coming soon!


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Road to Fifty - Part 5

It seems that as time rolls along, the world does still RE-volve.  And we inhabitants E-volve. 

I did have such a great time in Hawaii.  It had so many highs and none involved herbs.  haha.  It seemed funny that a place so associated with pot seemed so removed from pot.  No Maui Wowi smells the entire trip.  However, when I returned to LA, there was more Maui than in all of Hawaii.  haha.  Times do e-volve.

Years ago I heard that the brighter the Light becomes the more intense the Darkness becomes.  How many times have we walked into a dark room from outside in the bright sunshine and become temporarily blinded by the change.  Thankfully, so many people in my life are embracing Light and goodness and fun and frivolity....  I am goofy and funny and fun-loving and I try to surround myself with others with the same outlook.  Oh, if you know me, you know I can bitch about that grain of sand in my shoe or the rock on the beautiful beach that I stub my toe on.  It's not that hard.  And even though it's not a part of my nature that I like so much, I do need to "vent" or "get it out of my system" somedays.  How else will I be able to ascertain if I'm all the way nuts or just skirting the issue of nutdom?  So somedays my chums get to hear about my presumed trials and tribulations.  But for the most part, I do really try to be positive.  And again, so many of friends are the same.

Lately I've noticed that the "Dark" seems to be intesifying in some.  I see people do and say things that I thought were completely off limtes.  I see some drive like maniacs with absolutely no regard to others safety.  I've had to make a conscious decision lately to just hang back and let them do it their way; and, I maintain a distance to keep myself safe and sound.

When Solomon prayed for Wisdom, God gave him trials.  I think that example in the Bible so relates to everyday life and love.  And since I'm a wee bit chicken, I pray for Half Wisdom so I will only get half the trials. 

Peace and Love! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Road to Fifty #4 - Hawaii Impressions

Hawaii was simply fantastic.  First impressions can (and often) are misleading.

The big Island was so not what I thought it would be in terms of topography.  I do know there is a volcano there.  And so does anyone with eyes.  There are tons of signs reading Volcano 96 miles, Volcano 87 miles.  Right for Volcano.  Volcano This Way -->.  But I didn't know there was so much black rock.  It was a visual shock to begin with, but I adapted easily since I had no choice.  Plenty of beaches had sand and more black rock. 

Once I got past the black rock look, I discovered discovered an Island of many different looks.  I could so easily see parts of Miami, plenty of Central America, some of the East Coast of the USA and the beaches of both east and west coast.  It seemed incredible that an Island that small in size could pack such a punch.  We drove through a small rain forest.  From hot and humid beach areas to a temperature 30 degrees cooler in a span of 30 minutes.   A 2500 foot climb in less than 10 miles.

But the water.  Oh the glorious water.  Blues, greens, clear.  Sheer Heaven!

However, the look of the Island was almost second to the look of the people.  Unless you are born on the Island, you really must want to live there to live there.  It's not like LA where you can drive to Vegas, San Fran or even Palm Springs.  Oh no!  After 2 hours, you are at the other end of the Island.  Yes, it takes many more hours to drive all around the Island, but it is still an Island.  Having said that, the people I met were simply devine.  And just like big cities, the Island attracts people from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and ages.  I met quite a few southerners who are transplanted to Hawaii.  Our server at the hotel was from Liverpool.  One new chum was from Santa Barbara, CA.

But/And the common denominator was that they "wanted" to be there.  And they were happy.  They weren't there to because they couldn't get out (or off as the case may be), but they were there because that's where they wanted to be.  In the 4 days I was there, I heard only one person blow the horn at another driver.  I never heard one explitive directed at another person.  Even I let people ahead of me in traffic.  (See miracles do still happen!!)

I don't think I would ever want to live in Hawaii.  But "honk honk", I sure as hell want to visit again soon!