Saturday, February 26, 2011


What a long time it's been and with so little to say lately....

I am blessed that my life is good.  It isn't mind-blowingly great lately, but all in all it's pretty darned good.  Today it sleeted/hailed in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.  I had been downtown for breakfast, taken an hour or two drive around  the area south and a little east of downtown, made it back to the place I got a new car alarm, had them make an adjustment and traversed back through downtown on my way home.  The entire trip of 3 hours-ish was filled with cool crisp air and loads of sunshine.  Plenty of clouds, some looking like they were rain-ladened but all in all, a beautiful day.  As I crossed the pass from Hollywood back to the SFV, I noticed the streets were wet.  It had rained and rained quite a lot in the Valley.  I stopped by a store that is relocating and having a SALE (say it ain't so) and stopped in.  While there I looked out the expansive front windows and saw it start to sleet and then to hail.  In a matter of minutes the sidewalks and grassy areas (those 10 inch by 13 inch patches we have here called a yard) were beginning to glisten in icy white.  Such an unusual thing.  The sleet/hail mixture continued for about 10 or 15 minutes and as I bundled up my purchase and headed home it was turning more to rain.  But for a brief moment, it wasn't LA but some other foreign city.  And then I thought of Magnolia and looked up to see if Frogs were next.  Fortunately, that was left to the movies.  :)

More soon.  I promise myself!


Monday, February 7, 2011


WOW, it's been such a long time since I posted anything.  And if you know me, and I assume you do, you know I haven't been quiet, just not vocally with my typing.

What a weekend of ....  I drove up to Lake Hughes on Saturday morning (a new destination to me) and then around to Lancaster/Palmdale and back home.  It was one of my famous "get outta town" drives.  It took a little over 1 hour to get there, and truthfully there ain't much there, but the phone-less drive was worth it.  I was able to drive up through the mountains with no reception and to just be quiet and I loved it. For you who might not know, this is something I do several times a year.  It allows me to simply wonder and explore.  I am a traveller by nature and I don't ever remember a time of being afraid of where I was going or when and how I'd get back home.  I rarely ever take a map.  I simply have an idea of where I'm going and then I simply roam.

Someone mentioned Lake Hughes at dinner on Wednesday.  I had not heard of it.  They told me its approximate location, Mapquest told me how to get there and so off I went.  At Lake Hughes there was a small art gallery, but it wasn't opened as I was there too early.  Oh well, gives me a reason to return.

I did Yoga on Saturday afternoon and as told before, it was so refreshing and renewing.  Ruthie is a goddess in so many ways.  And I'm thankful she's a part of my life.

I met friends on Saturday evening and was entertained and charmed.  And as happens on a rare occasion, I was simply Dan.  

Sunday was another day to be alone and I took advantage of it.  I had several things planned and chucked all of them.  I watched the King's Speech, which I thought was brilliant, watched the Super Bowl (and my point spread prediction was exact but backwards) and then I watched endless mindless other TV shows.

At the end of the day, I was lulled into a catatonic state of nothingness, slightly disappointed that I didn't conquer the world, and at peace knowing I didn't have to conquer anything.

Here's wishing you and ME a blessed week full of peace and harmony!