Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whoooooaaaa WOW

So the man who is SO good with numbers missed a very important FRACTION:

As of today I have lost 18 pounds which makes me 1/5 lighter (of my goal weight) than when I started.  Hello, ONE OUTTA FIVE.  That's pretty freaking awesome!!!


That's like dropping a Jackson!  I don't mean Janet, I mean a $20 bill baby. 

It's like one of your fingers on a hand.  Maybe we'll call this one the Middle Finger!  Take That!

Or most importantly, it's a FIFTH.  I don't mean like the Germans, I mean like the British and Russians.  Honey, forget Beethoven, think Gin or Vodka.  Hello world.....


Favorite Things : Smells, Sounds and Sights

SMELL:  Each of us have favorite things, sometimes exceptionally small, that bring us joy.  In this time of Autumn, as with each Autumn, my nose is tickled by the smell of wood burning in a fireplace.  There are few things that invoke the sense of HOME for me as much as wood burning does.  We rarely had a real wood fire in our beautiful fireplace when I was growing up.  But still that smell comforts me!

SOUND:  Growing up in a house that was less than 100 yards from a train track, I was very accustomed to hearing a train.  Our train (of course it belonged to us, at least momentarily) came each night between 11 and 11:15.  You could hear the faint moaning of a far away whistle and that whistle came several more times, each successive time a little louder until the train blew through town (at about 30 miles an hours) before increasing in speed, and then the trailing whistle as it crossed the trestle down by Mr Charlie and Ms Emma's house.  To this day, I swear I can hear a train whistle that is miles away.  Each morning when the train leaves the Burbank Airport headed for Santa Clarita, it leaves 8 miles from where I live and I can hear the whistle as it announces its departure.  That is a sound that I shall never cease to enjoy hearing.  (The second sound I love is a Rooster crowing, but that can wait until I talk about cooking!)

SIGHT:  Today marked a sight that I've only seen ONE time in the last 7 years!  And that was 259 on my scales.  I Finally weigh under 260 pounds.  At the height of my running, I weighed 261 pounds, so I am officially under that mark.  I had hoped to be at 255 by today, and that did not happen.  However, and most importantly, I am completely at peace with where I am today!!!!  I will get to 255 on another day and that day will be celebratory too!

So here are the stats as they stand today:
Neck 18
Up Arm L  14
Up Arm R  15
Chest  44.5
Diaphragm  43.5
Waist  47
Abdomen  46.5
Butt  47  (If I dropped it like it was hot, I still need help getting it back up.  But not for long!)
Up Thigh L  24
Up Thigh R  24
Calf L  14.75
Calf R  15
Up Knee L  15.5
Up Knee R  16
Total Inches Today  384.25
Total Inches 10/11  389
Total Inches Lost  4.25
Total Weight Today  259
Total Weight 10/11  263
Total Weight Lost  4 Pounds

Total Inches Lost To Date   39.75

Total Weight Lost To Date  18

So my senses are awakened!  And so am I!!!  Much love!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Calling A Spade, Well, A Spade!

Twisted Foul-Mouthed Humor Ahead.

Backstory:  At our Yoga studio they offered a 30 day Yoga challenge for $90.  That equates to 3 bucks a class if you do all 30.  So fucking show-off Rick (referred to as Fuck Head (FH) for this post) has to sign up for it.  I didn't because I will leave towards the end of week 3 for NC to do a Half Marathon.  Now, here's the story of two fags at Yoga. (This ain't the Brady Bunch!)

So Friday nights are the problematic night.  Unless we make the 4:30 class (Iyengar or some stupid shit name like that), we have to take the Level 2-3.  (Read boot camp!)  So last week, FH gets a pass to get outta work early and we do Iyengar.  The Queen teaching that class is on a HAMSTRING mission from Satan.  (Truthfully, it did help with my 13.5 miles last week, but that's not nearly as funny.)  So Queeny weighs about 81 starving pounds and his little legs can either go up his ass or nose.  You choose.  But at the end of the afternoon session, we (FH and  I) were able to breeze through it.

Flash forward to this week.  Neither FH nor I could sneak outta work early today so it was boot camp HELL tonight.  My balls are still sweating 2 hours after class.  So we start off with breathing.  Easy right.  Then we get into heavy breathing.  This ain't sex bitches!  Then we (ok I) get into hassling for breath and then begging God to let me see the light at the end of the fucking tunnel.  It WAS an oncoming train!  Oh shit.  While some cute men, and chicks I don't care about, showed me things I'd only had wet dreams about, I was trying to see through my drenched once-illustrious locks. All those hair products simply wasted today.  Who the fuck knew that eyelids sweat?  And toe nails, too?

So there we were trying to do the Dolphin Pose (I prefer chicken salad), the soldier (which FH says is the Hero Pose) and the Warrior Pose,  I am beginning to wonder about the sanity of idiots who do this shit.  And there are also poses for restoration.  The fucking Down Dog.  Right??  My dog doesn't like to get down.  Disco is dead.  So when I'm in the Down Dog, my fat-assed belly hangs down on my lungs and I can't breath.  How fucking restorative can it be if you can't breath?  And the Child's Pose.  It's not a Child's Pose, it's the fucking Fetal Position.  I think my mother could feel MY inner child tonight.  And lastly, during the Happy Baby position, I think I soiled my diaper.

So when it was all said and done, and I looked like a fucking train wreck that had been left out in the rain, and I couldn't flirt with the hunk next to FH, I went to Starbucks and got an Iced Tea and came home.

And once I get a shower and sleep (provided I can crawl to either one of those), I will probably be ready to do it all again tomorrow.  I loved every minute of it!!!  Yoga fucking rocks.  And so does Fuck Head for introducing me to it!

Peace Heffers!!!  


There are so many fun, funny, full of flair litte sayings that we've all hear.  The following is part of the latest newsletter from my local Yoga studio.

Fall is in the air and change is everywhere. We've been feeling it in the air, the sudden rain storms and the energy of the classes during the 30 day yoga challenge. Change has come to the staff...

It goes on to say:  And since the universe doesn't like a vacuum, we are pleased to welcome....

Also sayings like:  The Winds of Change Blow... or one of my favorite passages from the Bible which was used in the lyrics of a song for The Byrds:  

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven.

The Biblical passage is found in Ecclesiastes 3.  (And no, I didn't know where it was exactly until I looked it up.  That English degree taught me a few things.  Research being a main one.)

During my Journey, I have found so many other people on a similar journey of Physical, Mental or Spiritual HEALTH! 

Funny or sad or frustratingly enough, some of us have gotten to our change through Force.  Some through a search for Peace.  But assurely, we have all chosen the Path whether consciously or sub-consciously.  And it's how we deal with that Path which will ultimately form who we become.

Today, I re-choose Happiness and Peace for my Journey's Path!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fear, Expectation and Knowledge

The majority of the time Fear is totally self based.  True, it can arise from the domino effect where one thing triggers another or trigger a bunch of things.  And fear might be one of those things triggered.  But how we choose to deal with these effects (external or internal) shows how we handle everyday life and its quality.

I have NOT weighed or measured in almost two weeks.  MY fear is that the number (s) will be smaller than I want.  I can easily see that my clothes are fitting better and my figure pleases me more and more.  But FEAR is a potent emotion.  For too many years I’ve allowed fear about things that I can or can’t handle, change or control rule my life.

Expectation is another hurdle.  Others’ expectations usually drive my own expectations to run off kilter.  I allow others to heap things on me and refuse to rebuff those expectations.  There are wonderful expectations that others expect from me.  My clients expect me to show up and to work and to be good at what I do.  IMO, that’s how it should be.  I show up looking good, smelling good and bring a good attitude.  These expectations are all mutual.  However, my biggest enemy is ME.  I often expect things from myself that are totally unrealistic. 

Knowledge is one of the components of life that I am always chasing.  I like to learn new and exciting things: both external and internal.  My current path is providing me with lots of new knowledge and ways to experience this knowledge.

And, now for an answer to: “why haven’t you weighed and measured?”  I do want to post “gains” in my “losses.”  And yes I do deserve it!  I do know that some days are better than others.  So I haven’t weighed giving myself a little time to acclimate to where I am TODAY and to be happy with it.  I don’t want to be a complete slave to the numbers, but I don’t want to turn by back on them either.

So my deal is to weigh and measure on Sunday morning and report the findings.  And I KNOW and EXPECT without any FEAR that the numbers are what they are and the experience is the knowledge that I’m chasing.  BEST!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

They Say, I Say

Today's blog is very short (at least for me)

They Say:  "Don't Mistake my Kindness for Weakness."
I Say:  "It's A Short Trip From Humble To Doormat."

Today I've awaked (awoke) with the feeling that NO may be may best friend today.  For me the measure of success with NO is when you master saying it with authority and love and without malice. 

It seems that life, people (friends, coworkers and strangers) and situations arise when NO needs to be used.  A test if you will.  So today, I say YES to honoring myself.  I say YES to be Healthy (Mentally and Physically AND Spiritually).  And I say NO to anything other than my highest good.    Much Peace!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes I Can

Oh Sweet Heavens yesterday marked another coo-coo thing in my life.  I set out 3 weeks ago to do 8 miles and then said what the hey, I'll do 10.   And I did them. 

So this time, I needed to do 12 miles.  And since I was going it alone, I drove out my distance in the car so I would be certain how far my 12 miles were.  Of course I drove them on the surface streets.  I most often use Griffith Park as my training ground.  And this trip was the same.  There are several different routes you can take, but I usually stay on the same path.  -ish.  haha

But I am not fond of out, turn around and return the same way.  So this time I went out via the LA River.  It mostly parallels the street that I measured my distance.  But what I was unaware of was the fact that somewhere between miles 5 and 6 the river bends slightly outward and the street that I had measured with the car bends slightly outward in the opposite direction.  By the river course I ended up adding a little more than a mile and a half.  When I figured out where I was in the neighborhood, I had to cut across to 'find' my turn-around. 

So yesterday, I completed another Half Marathon.  Even though I didn't get a "Swag" I have plenty of "I Can" in me.  Below is a picture of all of the Swags that I've earned.  In 3 weeks, I will add a new one to it.  The OBx Marathon medal.

And that makes me mighty proud of myself.  Good Morning World, I'm Proud!  (And Loud)

Friday, October 22, 2010

(Not My) External Changes

Not only does "Sugar Happens", CHANGE does too.  I know, Uh Huh, everyone knows that.  And to some extent, I think we do all know that Change Happens.  By the end of this Blog, plenty of change will have happened.  5 or 10 minutes (maybe less, maybe more) will have elapsed and the world will have spun a little bit more, and the clouds that have been covering and uncovering the moon will have shifted yet again.

One of the great things that has been happening for me (which I've talked about alot) is that I'm eating much healthier with the aid of Isagenix and I've begun to breathe and move much more fluidly with the aid of Yoga.  Two seemingly small changes, but two choices that have provided me with Measurable changes.

The nutrition and satisfaction of Isagenix has lessened my cravings for certain foods.  My biggest drive-thru moments were either mornings or late evenings.  I haven't had a drive-thru breakfast in over one month.  And while just talking about Jack's breakfasts makes me sorta miss them, I have NOT had one morning where my Isagenix shake wasn't fulfilling and satisfying.  So that part of my "Bad" diet has been replaced with "Good."  And since I'm drinking less, the need for the food to help right the ship in the "water" (we'll call it water for now), has decreased.  So there is one time, if not two times, during each day that I'm choosing Healthy over Non-Healthy.  And this Change has had a definite benefit to my waistline as well as my mental health.

Yoga has reminded me that by releasing the outside and moving my attention to something so simple and necessary as my breathing, I am bringing Peace and Joy to ME! 

This week has been froth, fractured and foamy with External Changes.  These changes haven't been about ME.  They've been about the people around me who for better or worse have influenced my day to day life.  One client's being audited, one ex-client's losing his business, two clients are nearing foreclosure, one client is facing cancer surgery, one co-worker was fired and another one's days are in the single digits now.  And most of the people around these situations are going nuts.  Some are going nuts for obvious reasons, while others are going nuts simply to bathe and relish in the drama.  And make no doubt about it, some of these nuts, I mean people, are taking a Long Long Long Bath because they live for the drama.

I can never be immune to External Changes or Drama.  I can't totally escape it.  But I CAN AND I DO CHANGE the way I peek at it, perceive it and participate in it.  I choose to protect myself (my mental and physical well-being) by eating right, exercising, being a yogi.  By going inward and supporting myself first, and giving myself the right to protect myself, I am able to live more harmoniously.  And by doing so, when I am brushed up against drama, I have the tools within ME to proceed with Joy and Love and Wisdom and to be able to share these attributes to anyone who'd like to share them.

Please remember to put on your air mask first, BEFORE assisting others!   Loving U!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Positive Changes (10/21)

Today's Note from my Louise Hay "I Can 2010" is:

"Positive Changes in my Thinking CREATE Positive Changes in my Life."

I totally feel that this is true.  Each day things will appear to test this philosophy.  And it's how I deal with these things that make me stronger on my journey to good health and good living.

This morning I awoke to dry blotchy skin.  Of course I scrubbed it and now I look like I face ski-ed across a cheese grater.  "Gotta love that."  But my Oakley sunglasses look so fabulous on me!  On the opposite side of appearances from my skin, I am wearing a pair of pants I've owned for a while but couldn't get my "loveliness" into until now.  And I am totally rocking a shirt that looked so cute unbuttoned, but not "so cute" when buttoned; as, the poor little buttons were hanging on and screaming for dear life.  Today, those same buttons are comfortably cradled in their respective holes simply hanging out with assurance and comfort.  Damn I look good, especially when I add my sunglasses.  haha

Positive changes at work:  I try to take my coworkers and clients at their word.  Somedays I feel that the truth and their vocal musings don't always equal.  And then I simply have to remember that these same people are on their journeys too.  I grew up with these amazing Rose colored glasses believing that everyone tells the truth until I learned otherwise.  And while I don't go along expecting folks to lie to me or to be dishonest, for most of my life, I had assumed most people were "truthing".  A life coach told me a while back, that to think others are honest or dishonest was a complete waste of time and energy.  He said "Let everyone be a blank slate on which THEY write.  Read what they write and you will understand the depth of their honesty."  I love it when Sages speak.  And I love it when I'm wise enough shut up and listen.

Today, when I got to work, I wanted a different mood.  So Miss Natalie Cole and I are rocking and waltzing Christmas tunes.  Why the "heavens" not?  It's my iPod and if I want Christmas in October, I'll have it.  And anyday I can tap into that Holiday mood of living and loving is a really really good day!  Now, where's that damned Mistletoe.  I feel like a kiss....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When I started this journey I realized that I wanted to lose a number of pounds and since for the last 25 years, Quarter Century, 2 1/2 Decades or nearly 3/4 OR was that 1/2 of my life, I've supported myself with doing math.  Or Bookkeeping.  Or Accounting.  Or Finance.  You get the numbers picture.

So I wanted to keep a Numbers theme but didn't want to call it the Numbers of Dan.  (Too many people already have an idea of how many numbers Dan has or has had, so Fractions seemed to be more FUN.

When I do Half Marathons or Training Sessions, I'm always counting.  If I do 6 miles in training: At Mile 2, I'm 1/3 of the way done;  At Mile 3, I'm half way home etc.  (Unique little me also counts stairs!  Nearly staircase, nearly everytime.  Unless someone is talking to me.  Or I'm practicing my wave.  Long Story!  Another blog.)

So I decided to apply the same math principle to my Journey to Better Health and Less Weight.

I started at 277 lbs and I intend to finish up at 185 lbs.  That will ultimately be a loss of 92 lbs.  For simplicity, my stated goal on my Blog will be 90 lbs.  (It's so much easier than trying to do divisions into 92.)  An unfortunate thing about a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) is that 13 is NOT easy to do with Fractions.  But trust me, sometimes if I'm bored or tired or need to occupy my mind, I'm out there doing "this is 7/13s of the distance of 12/52 (3/13's) of the way through."

So at my last weigh in I had lost 14 lbs.  At 15 lbs , I will be 1/6th of my way to my goal.  That is ONE out of SIX.  And since there are currently 6 colors of M&M's (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Brown) I guess I've eaten ONE of the M&M's.  Schoolhouse myths have it that the Green one makes you Horny, so I'm saving that color for the last!!!  (And if you Wiki M&M's you can see the colors as they started and how they've evolved.  That is if you're finished reading my blog!)  So I will call this first 6th Orange

The Fractions and the M&M's are just two of the twisted things my beautifully talented mind thinks of...

Until later!  Dannyboy

Yes (es) and No (s)

At just after the dark of Noon today (10/20) I can report that the day has already been sprinkled with a plenty of both.  I got up early this morning to go walking with my Buddy Cyndee.  We started at 6:30.  We checked in with each other around 6 a.m. and Cyndee relays the weatherman's prediction of rain at 7. 

Should we go???   YES.  We made a determination to go inspite of....  I drug along my big umbrella just incase of a downpour.  I had the umbrella up for a little while, but mostly we braved the misty rain and did our 3 miles in an hour.  And we also said YES to skipping the muddy trails and dug our heels into the sidewalks of North Hollywood. 

I also said YES to eating healthy today.  I had my shake once I was home from the walk.  And I've been a good boy in watching my food intake.

And I've said YES to Yoga tonight and Friday night.  So I have time to stretch out before my 12 mile walk on Saturday.  Yippee?!?

And now for the NO.  For the most of this year, I've eaten whatever I wanted.  And it showed up little by little on my ampleness.  At my Wednesday client they are usually the salad - ruffage type peeps.  But today the owner wanted a BIG Philly Cheesesteak.  And to that I had to resort to saying NO!  Gently, then less so, I suggested that we go healthier.  So we had a Shish Kabob with beef and yummy veggies.

I TOTALLY RULE with the Yes (es) and No (s) TODAY!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Signs (Oct 17th)

So I've had two days off and mostly for 'bad behavior" but then WHO is surprised at that?  I ate dinner on Sunday (oh shock of all shocks, haha) and it wasn't all that I wanted.  At least not afterwards.  Yesterday I was totally on my plan but I was way tired from my Sunday out with the boys.

And this morning I got up in a foul mood.  And I don't mean I wanted Pheasant for lunch, I was simply grouchy.  But after a few hours up, that mood wore off.  And as the sun was momentarily peaking through the rain clouds, my mood lightened up.  (That and coffee and my chat with John.  All really great things.)

One "Sign" I've learned about myself is that when I'm depressed or grouchy, I need to be alone.  It's not that I don't want someone else to make me happy or try to cheer me up, I need a minute (or several minutes) of solitude to get re-acquainted with myself.  And fortunately I was able to do just that this morning.  Thank heavens for a morning off from the constraints of clients wanting... wanting... wanting...

So here are other signs I've seen lately:

1.  MY _________________ HURTS.  (This is for a 24 hour emergency clinic.  Oh how I wished for spray paint.  It would have been soooo irreverant!)

2.  Are You On A Spiritual Journey or Gurney?  (A church sign that I truly love.  So many people I know are permanently on the latter when they claim to be on the former.  For them I really do pray.)

3.  The Milk of Human Kindness is Curdling!  (This one is mine.  It reminds me of how I think others are feeling during this economic time.  Patience for others seems to be slim, while whining for one's own self seem to be on the rise.  See #2 for the reason.)

Much love to be on a GREAT Spiritual and Health Journey with some WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL FRIENDS.  And I thank you very much for travelling with ME!


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today as I left Yoga I smelled the 1st wood burning in a nearby home.  At least the first one of this season.  It's been overcast, foggy, misty off and on for a few days.  And I'm totally digging it.  Yesterday I posted on F/b that on Foggy days I just feel the need to BE.  Truthfully, I live (or have chosen to live) in cities where there is lots and lots of Sunshine.  I love sunshine.  It energizes me and I feel ready to conquer the world.  Or at least conquer something or someone. 

The other Fish in my Pisecan existance is tickled and teased by the fog and damp coolness of Autumn.  It seems such a good time for a cup of coffee or tea and a good book.  I'm not much of a couch potato, but on a rare occassion, I just like the coolness to lull my spirit into bliss.

And speaking of Bliss, Yoga was so great this morning.  As usual a bucket of sweat was expelled.  (And not with a gin after-taste.  haha)  Karen does an "Easy Does It" class on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat mornings.  I ain't gonna be no liar, it ain't so easy.  At least to this novice.  But it is challenging and blissful at the same time.  If I can't hold a pose for 1000 years without shaking or moving, who gives a sugar cube??  At times in my life I'd be self-flogging, but not during Yoga.  This is my ZEN and I ain't a-fuckin' with it.  (See I didn't say shit above, I saved it for the fuck.)

So I'm home about to get ready to go to an Isagenix conference which I fully expect to be informational and fun. 

All the best for a Healthy, Happy and Fun existance.  Let's start with NOW!


Friday, October 15, 2010

HABITS Firday 10/15

I began to think about Habits last night and how we acquire them and how long we keep them and if they serve any purpose.

Snicker:  I also thought about Religous Habits (ie Nuns) and giggled at that thought.

Then I was struck by the fact that the two aren't so dissimilar.  And then being the Good Boy that I am, with an English degree to my credit, I looked up Habit in the "Wiki" dictionary.  I saw that there were all kinds of Habits:  Religious, Riding (I liked those costumes), and other "Habits" and then of course the one I was actually looking for:  The "Real" Habits of Housewives, Husbands, sons and daughters....

"An acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically".  That's what Wiki says it is and that's what I think of when I think of Habits.  Several habits are wonderful.  I am so fond of brushed clean teeth.  And not only for myself!!!!  I like putting checks in the bank.  That's a fun habit.  It beats putting them in the trunk of the car and leaving them there.  There are lots and lots of wonderful habits.  (And yes, I even admitted that the Nun's habit was an apt title for it since typically a Nun puts on the Habit each day and wears it like it's second nature.  And isn't that what a Habit really is?)

And I also thought about some habits that I don't think are so great.  I have a few.  Oh don't kid yourself, I might have ONE or TWO.  Maybe!!!  haha  Thursday nights are probably my most cherished habit.  It's always been my "get a leg up on the Weekend - Habit".  I wish it gave me the same High or preceived High I used to think it did.  I've noticed that some things I do are simply because they're always done that way.  (This is a particular pet-peeve of mine in work.  It's often used by lazy people who refuse to learn a better way to build a mouse trap.)  Could it be that I, Me, Myself could possibly ever use that thought for my Thursday evenings?  Heavens To Betsy!  (I don't know who Betsy is, but she surely goes to Heaven alot.  She's probably a great flat-backer!)

I am continuing to experiment with ways to make my EVERY DAYS much more enjoyable.  Especially healthy-wise!  Life, Love, Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.  All aspects of my life can use good Habits.  I'm working towards providing myself with them.

Lotsa love to me, and from me to you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thur 10/14 Mental Health

I am such a big fan of dreaming.  I think that we all do it, and depending on the circumstances, we remember the dream or the sensation of it.  At various times in our lives: Youth, during Stress, during Happiness, after Sex we dream a variety of dreams. 

For me these dreams often mirror exactly what's going on in my life.  At various times, I've dreamed of things that with study directed me to change a habit that probably wasn't healthy and after the change, I encountered more peace.

I got home from work about 6:30 last night and was tuckered out.  My energy seemed to have slipped out of the car window on the freeway and escaped me.  I rested a bit and attempted a 10 minute nap.  From that I got a hitch in my back.  (It was like a little hickup, but not fun.)  8:05 was Yoga time and I went.  Dragging my feet (mentally) and knowing that if I went and showed up physically and mentally, my Mental Health would benefit.  And  did it ever.  Shannon put us through a great workout.  I left totally energized and Happy.

After my shower, I went to bed.  It's getting to the cool evenings time in LA.  And it was cool, the bed was inviting and WE (the weather, the bed and I) slept magnificently. 

And when I woke up this morning, it was because I was laughing so hard in my dreams, that I brought it into my consciousness.  How Fabulous to wake up Laughing!

Let Joy Reign!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New Start

Somedays Inspiration is hard to come by.  (Today isn't one of those days for me.)

Certainly I can't even begin to imagine what the Chilean miners have gone through.  And I don't ever want to find out firsthand.  I'm a chicken.  Ok, a middle-aged Rooster.  But let's have one thing understood, I ain't done crowing yet!  You hear?

But the Inspiration that I see as the miners come up one by one, reminds me that Each Day we can rise up and be our own inspiraton!  I have been on my current health journey since 9/20.  That's 23 days down and I'm on the 24th one now.  I have been a success.  And I affirm here and now, that I can rise each day and make it a fantastic one.  We, all of us, have obstacles, roadblocks, trials and certainly Triumphs.

I choose to be a Success and I AM a Success!  Today I rise up and say Day 24 you look mighty good to me and I celebrate you.

Cock-A-Doodle-Do!  And don't you forget it, either!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I watched and saw the 4th miner be rescued tonight.  A man, a person, a human who is happy just to be.  Sweet heavens, just to be.  May we all be blessed with such peace.  And so it is!!!

Tuesday Eve

Funny how ONE day can really change one's perception.  Just a mere 25 or so hours ago, I was crashing in early just to shut off the world.  And today I've completed a boat-load of work.  So like the song says;  "What A Difference A Day Makes".

And, I stayed within my prescribed meals and shakes today. 

Also, wearing a pair of jeans that I could only have dreamed of wearing 3 weeks ago, without laying down to button them and never breathing once I did button them, was pretty darn nice too.  Viva Dan!

Much love,

Whore-mones and ....

Some days are harder than others.  Yesterday seemed so full of "heavy" thoughts and feelings.  There wasn't one bad thing, just tons of weight.  I felt restless and tired and unfulfilled. 

With my weigh in and measure session, I was very pleased.  I was hip and happy.  But that was short-lived.  I simply wanted to observe the day from the couch (very Un-Danny), or a car window (Very Danny).  I wanted to drive up along the coast or meander thru the forests in the mountains.  But being tied to a desk wasn't where I wanted to be, yet it was just where I ended up.  And that put a true damper on my day. 

I actually went back to the Baxter Stairs to do ONE up and down session; but, a true work issue interrupted my journey.  It HAD to be dealt with;  and, I cruised right past the stairs.  Later, I joined a friend for a drink and that didn't make me happy either.  In the end I came home and went to bed at 7:15.  And I got up at 5:26.  For me some things are just dealt with better with sleep.  Perhaps I overdid it a little this weekend, perhaps I was a little depressed, perhaps it was hormones, perhaps it was the moon.   "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás"

SAGE of mine gave me great advice last week. (He always does.)  Sage says that all diets and exercise programs and life changes should be in 2 day increments.  (One day at a time is PERFECT.  But for some of us, 2 days work better.)  Here's his thoughts on 2 day increments.  "Not every day is perfect.  No matter what that day is: Diet, work project, etc.  But if you look at it in 2 day increments, you get a better picture.  So yesterday wasn't the best it could be, make TODAY the day to help offset yesterday."  So Monday wasn't so HOT for Dannyboy, but Tuesday WILL right my ship from it's slight listing.  Hey, at least I haven't rolled over and sank, I was only temporarily listing.  Heave-Ho!  (Oh no, that's at the end of a date.  Sorry!)

With Love (For Myself) and You!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Oct 11

Happy Monday!!

Today is National Coming Out Day and I am certainly embracing that.  I am coming out of my protective weight shell and looking forward to creating an open and healthy DANNY.

My weighing and measuring day came today.  I will save comments until after the figures:
                 Size Lost in Inches since 10/4
Neck         .25
Up Arm L  .5
Up Arm R  .5
Chest          2
Diaphragm  1
Abdomen   .5
Buttocks    .5  (Buttocks sound nicer than Ass I suppose)
Up Thigh L 1
Up Thigh R 0
Calf L        .25
Calf R        .5
Up Knee L .5
Up Knee R  0
New Total Inches  389
Inches Lost Since 10/4  8.5
Total Inches Lost To Date 35.5

New Weight   263
Weight Lost 1 pound
Total Weight Lost  14 lbs

I did not feel that I would have lost alot of weight this week and I didn't.  I am NOT beating myself up, I am simply listening to my body.  I felt that this was a harder week for me as I imbibed more than I wanted to and I was not as disciplined about eating extra.  HOWEVER, I did what I thought was best at the time.  And I have NO REGRETS.  At the end of a week, I've lost another pound and I am truly happy and blessed about that.

But the GREATEST NEWS is that I've lost another whopping 8.5 inches overall.  I might not have thought I lost much weight, but I was sure I had lost inches.  I can see and feel my body transforming.  And I also did things that would add muscle and strenghthen my body.  And I did. 

Let's see:  In the last ten days, I have done Yoga 5 times, walked 10 miles, climbed 530 stairs and kept active.  Hmmmm, not a bad 10 days.  I'm very proud of myself.

Let's see what today and all my tomorrows hold!  Until then,  XOXOXO

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Star Sighting and NO Drooling

I have been a huge fan of Chris Noth since the first season of Law & Order.  I was standing outside of Lotus Rising this morning when he and his little boy walked by.  He stopped and asked me about the Yoga classes and went in and got a schedule.  And for probably only the 2nd time ever, I simply internally drooled.  No gushing.  (And btw, he wasn't the only man that looked damned good today.  I was holding my own too. haha) 

Sunday 10/10 (DOUBLE DAY)

I met my friend Cynthia yesterday who mentioned she was doing the Baxter Stairs this morning.  So I asked to tag along and see how many I could do.  There are 230 stairs straight up the side of a small mountain/large hill.  I had done the Baxter a few years ago.  Back then, I had to sit down about 4 times on the way up.  Today, I did the Baxter 2.5 times.  For a total of about 530 stairs.  (That equates to about 44 floors!!!)

After the Baxter I came home and rested briefly before going to Yoga.  Whew what a day.  Yesterday's yoga helped loosen me up for today's.  All in all it was a great weekend of things to make me breathe!  I'm looking forward to having a different reason to breathe hard soon!

I was on a cleanse day today.  So there wasn't really much food, just liquids.  I did have a couple of celery stalks and a little bit of pickles.  The goal is liquids and supplements.  But I was very happy with all that I accomplished!!!  Tomorrow is my next weigh in and measure day.

So I knew that I was going to a party last Sunday, so I moved my Cleanse Day to Monday and weighed and measured on Tuesday.  The following were my results:

New Total Weight    264 lbs
New Total Inches     397.5  (Measured as indicated before)

So as of last Tuesday, I had lost another 3.5 lbs to bring my current total lost to 13 lbs.  I lost another 8 inches to bring my total inches lost to 27. 

At first I was unhappy about my weight loss.  I wanted another 6 to 8 lbs lost.  As soon as I felt disappointed, I sat down and really analysed how GREAT my weight loss was.  The easiest thing for me to do is to start doubting myself or pounding myself for not being an over-achiever.  Simply being a success is hard for me to accept.  But I was able to really work with my MIND again and realize that I really am freaking AWESOME!!! 

As a favor to me: Please be good to yourselves!  I've trying hard to master that concept for myself. 

Big Kiss

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Everyday is a Blessing and A New Beginning (Sat 10/9)

Today I started my day with a wonderful sleep.  It was so heavenly to be back in my own bed where I am able to restore at my greatest speed.  A friend of mine used to always want to lay on my bed and I would refuse her.  I finally had to tell her that my bed is my paradise.  I love and loved her, but didn't want her energy.  I am sure this is why the majority of people don't sleep well their first night in a hotel.  The hotel bed isn't your paradise, but a shared one.  My bed is my paradise and I use it to restore myself!

I went to Lotus Rising (my local yoga studio) where I took a wonderful class with a new teacher/guide.  It was grand to mix it up.  Karen helped me stretch places that I had forgotten about.  I intend to show someone (I haven't met him yet) my new poses.  It's gonna be wicked.  Using good techniques to accomplish other good goals is very very productive.

I left LA on Wed to go to San Fran to see a Friend of mine perform.  Seeing her was amazing and wonderous.  She blesses my soul when she sings and when we are together.  I revel in her delight!

For my health I did several unique things for myself:
1.  I left my laptop and camera home.  (I love to communicate with each, but this time I wanted to communicate with nature and myself and not have to be burdened with carrying these items.)  This is my second trip without my laptop.  I missed it, but not too much....  haha
2.  I took all of the items needed to stay on my eating program.  (Details at the end)  And I also followed my program.
3.  I did a small workout in the hotel gym and I ALSO took a Yoga class.  I can count on one hand how many activities other than running I've done on any and all trips in the last year.  So two on one trip was BIG.
4.  I walked often, took public transport some and cabbed a couple of times.  All in all, I was very active.

My Program:
As I mentioned before, I am on Isagenix.  For me I have two different kinds of days in terms of food:
1.  Breakfast Shake; A Sensible Lunch; and Dinner Shake.  These are supplimented with a few snacks and other stuff.  It's been quite easy. 
2.  Cleanse Days:  These consist of Liquids only.
So for my trip, I was on Shake, Meal, Shake days and completed them as I needed to.

I was anxious about how OH HOW could poor little ME ever get this accomplished.  Once I got out of my own way, it was easy.  I put each shake portion in a SNACK zip-lock.  Then I put these snacks in a SANDWICH zip-lock.  WOW, how low tech and easy.  **CHUMP**  haha.  I also took one plastic bottle with a big mouth (like mine) and used hotel ice, water and shake.  And then I did a "Shake Weight" workout!!!  I totally freaking rock!!!!

More about my weight loss and inches lost tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing the ride.  Love and Peace (and preparing for a Piece!!!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday Oct 6th

TODAY:  I was supposed to do three miles with my Buddy Cyndee this morning, but it's raining AGAIN.  Living in LA I've come to truly LOVE the rain.  We don't get too much of it and this year, it's come earlier than usual.  So I'm getting my treat early.  However, it did keep me from my 3 mile goal.  Of course, I do have an umbrella and a parker and a closet full (and I do mean FULL) of clothes to wear to protect me.  But, I am leaving today for S.Fran and I don't want to take a cold with me, so I will find a creative way to get in my mileage without being rained on. 
This morning I'm feeling upbeat.  Last night I wasn't so upbeat.  Nothing really wrong, just not chipper.  I do know that certain evenings (Tuesday if I miss Monday) are nights for a drink or two.  And yes I had my two last night.  Not that I really wanted them, it seems a habit.  And a habit I want to find a way to curb.  (More about this will surely bite me in the ass on another day, I'll bet!)

September 28th
This was the eighth day after starting my Isagenix campaign.  I started on 9/20 and weighed in and measured and did the same on 9/28.  On the eighth day, I had lost 9.5 pounds and an incredible 19 inches.  I was so over the moon.  I had done this same program about 4 or 5 years ago and I had similar results.  The difference this time was my MIND.  Then I was unhappy that I wasn't a size 4 (haha).  No result except instant would have been good enough for me back then.
NOW, my mind was in the right place.  One pound lost, one more pound lost, ....  and after 7 days, 9.5 pounds lost.  The other really really incredible thing was that I had lost 19 inches.  (Details at the bottom)  And for me, I could really see each place a little something was missing.  (It wasn't that my gut was instantly 19 inches smaller, it was a FRACTION off here and a FRACTION off there, albiet that's where the title of my blog comes from.)  And to be honest, it was those places with MY eyes that meant the most to me.  Again, the theme from yesterday is repeated and probably will be again each day forward.  It's MY EYES and MY MIND and MY SPIRIT and MY BODY that I (that's me again) want to change and encourage and celebrate!  And I'm really the only one to do that.

So stay tuned, I'm working on me.  (Narcissitic and Loveable ME)


                   9/20             9/28
Neck          19.5              19
Up Arm L   16                 16
Up Arm R   16                 16
Chest           49                47
Diaphragm   50                 46
Waist           52                50
Abdomen     51                50  (Can you say BARREL?  I have to poke fun, jeepers 50.52.51.  Where the hell is a waistline?)
Up Thigh L  28                 26
Up Thigh R  27                 24.5
Calf L          14.5              15
Calf R          15.5              15.5  (The L one might have been wrong on Day 1 but I've left it. Changing it up would have meant more loss, but it's the measurement I took, so I've left it)
Up Knee L   17.75          16.5
Up Knee R   17.75          16
Total             424.5          405.5
Total Lost  19 INCHES!!!  YIPPEE

Pounds     277                267.5   9.5 lbs lost.  YIPPEE AGAIN

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not A Virgin

So NOW I'm not a virgin at blogging.  I was this morning, but not no mo!!!

The intention of this blog is to be accountable to myself for my health and to share my journey with a select group of my friends.  (Some of these friends are currently on similar journeys while others will be along for the ride doing their own thing.)

On September 20th, I started a journey which will lead me to getting my body, my mind and my spirit in the shape that I (that's me!!!) want it to be.  And I can tell you now that I'm already discovering things about my "I" that I've known before, but I'm seeing fresh once again.

So here were the starting statistics:

Weight:  277 lbs
Inches:  424.5

The inches were of the neck, chest, waist, abdoman, hips, left and right thigh & calf & upper knee.  I will detail those inches later.

After this blog will come some "Doubled Up" blogs which will have today plus a past day to catch myself and you up on all of the happenings!

Peace and love, DANNY