Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Is As ....

So yesterday, one of my “Partners in Crime” (Yellow Hat from last month in PS) texted me and wanted to know two things: 

 1.     If I wanted to Happy Hour at the GC

To that I had to wait until 8 pm as I had to work late.  And yesterday was my Eco day, I take the bus to the train and the train to work in the morning and then reverse it (obviously) in the evening.  So from work to the GC, I take the train to the bus, go bar-hopping and then the bus to the train and the train to the bus.  It’s much more work, but then I don’t have to drive.  And,

2.     If I wanted to work on a “spoof” short of American Horror Story.  Now AMS has been on my short list of shows that I want to watch, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  And of course now I’m even more interested in seeing it.  And guess which character I will get to spoof?  No, guess!  Seriously!  GUESS!

Any type of entertainment from singing to movies to stage to writing makes me very happy.  So to be asked to be involved is a thrill. (And maybe a Chilling thrill.)  More details as they emerge.

I dressed up right nice yesterday and carried both a bag and my laptop in a second bag.  So once I determined I would be in WeHo I decided to leave the laptop at work, allowing me to only have to carry one bag with me.  We met at the GC with the other creator and had a few drinks to help with the discussion.  Grease the wheels of my liver is really more like it, but…. So after our pre-dinner drinks, we skipped on down to Hamburger Mary’s for dinner.  And boy did I need a little something to stick to my ribs.  Once we finished dinner and decided it was time to go, we walked out of HM and Yellow Hat sees the #4 bus coming.  I leave them in a cloud of dust as I run to catch the bus.  It’s still is NOT a pretty picture when I run in dress shoes carrying a designer bag.  The shoes and bag are cute but my waddle run with dinner and gin sloshing just “ain’t purdy.”   Needless to say I squeal over my shoulder that I’m sure it’s a pretty sight from behind too.

The bus driver sees all of the fabulousness a-hurrying and is kind enough to wait.  I would hate to have forced to have thrown myself at the bus, but…  Anyway as she opened the door to the bus I hear a roar of laughter.  After brushing my beautiful locks out of my face, wrapping my bag around my arm and searching for my transit card, I huff that I know they are NOT laughing all of the wonderfulness scurrying for the bus.  Wisely, she didn’t answer.  I tap my card and take a seat near the front.  After all, I just ran ¼ of a whole block.  I noticed the kids that were laughing and discovered they didn’t even notice me.  Bastards!  They could have seen a sensation tearing up the pavement.  Then I discover the only person really laughing at me is the bus driver and she’s having herself a good time.  I should have charged her.  Even as I alighted from the bus to catch the train to the bus she was still snickering.  See I am funny, damnit.

So bring on my AHS spoof.  I am ready for my close-up.

And for a little self-promotion, if you didn’t see my short from January, here is a link.


Friday, March 16, 2012

High School

Today’s post on F/b was a picture that I shared from my old high school English teacher.  (I like her so much more now that I don’t have to see her everyday.  I’m just saying.)  The picture has the following:

Don’t Mistake
My Silence for Ignorance
My Calmness for Acceptance
My Kindness for Weakness

To that I added a comment that sometimes kindness and gentleness were simply an Armor used as protection.

To date, I have NEVER hit another person out of anger.  In the past, abuse was linked to spankings.  The idea was if you spanked your child, that child would more likely be an abuser.  Maybe that is true for some, but I doubt it.  My mama wore my ass out with a flyswatter.  And I say she did it often, especially when the Valium and Coffee and Menthol Cigarettes hadn’t kicked in; or were in danger of running out.  Truth is I don’t think I’d be a spanker if I were a parent.  (I’m a much better wanker.)  But I do think that there are TOO many people who have been / are / will be in need of a good spanking.  Somethings just ain’t right!

And speaking of High School, recently a client of mine (Attorney) said:  You know some people have to be considered from the prospective of “how long have they been out of high school.”  (Let me say, most college graduates and certainly those who did post graduate work don’t usually speak in “high school” references.)  So I asked him what he meant.  This was his reasoning:

In High School when someone does something really fucking stupid, one of their friends smacks them on the back of the head and says:  “That was really fucking stupid!”  For some, the further they are from that scenario the stupider they become.  This was one of those “Ah Hah” moments.

Recently I have seen too many people who are a little too big for their britches and a little too far from High School.  It is so tempting to smack them on the back of the head and say “That was really fucking stupid.”  But then their drama ridden lives aren’t even good enough for TNT, so I just let them be.

And, YES, I try very hard not to be that one that others say “JFC that Bitch needs to be fucking smacked in the back of the head.”  Pray for me!  Unlike Whitney, I hope to stay smack-free!

Monday, March 5, 2012


I was so excited when last year I scheduled a vacation to Geneva.  When I found out there was a Half Marathon in Paris the weekend before Geneva, I added that to my trip list.  As things so, Best Laid Plans are often premature.

I picked up a new acctng client and that client has proven to be extremely hyper-active.  And H-A translates into dough for me.  And I like dough.  (See my waistline.  ha ha)  At the end of the day, I ended up postponing my European vacation in favor of making extra money with this new client.  Originally, I thought "Oh I can do that remotely."  How wrong I was.  I was in LA last Friday to complete their first month-end.  I worked non-stop for over 10 hours to get that accomplished and I rocked the joint.  I would NEVER have been able to do it remotely.

I listed to my gut, intuition, little voice (whatever you wanna call it) and it was the right decision.  But I did check the Continental website to see my plan to Paris depart on Thursday and checked on it too see that it arrived on Friday.  I do hope it was a happy flight for the others.  :)

So I've taken a short trip to NYC to placate my travel bug.  I've had a good time while I've been here, but I have discovered I'm tired.  62-64 work hours last week has my my kitty muy tired.

More later as to what I have done while I've been here.

I have essentially be still and resting since the biking accident and yesterday I realized just how little movement I've had since Feb. 12th.  So I'm out to walk part of Manhattan.  Report in laters, gators!