Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday Oct 6th

TODAY:  I was supposed to do three miles with my Buddy Cyndee this morning, but it's raining AGAIN.  Living in LA I've come to truly LOVE the rain.  We don't get too much of it and this year, it's come earlier than usual.  So I'm getting my treat early.  However, it did keep me from my 3 mile goal.  Of course, I do have an umbrella and a parker and a closet full (and I do mean FULL) of clothes to wear to protect me.  But, I am leaving today for S.Fran and I don't want to take a cold with me, so I will find a creative way to get in my mileage without being rained on. 
This morning I'm feeling upbeat.  Last night I wasn't so upbeat.  Nothing really wrong, just not chipper.  I do know that certain evenings (Tuesday if I miss Monday) are nights for a drink or two.  And yes I had my two last night.  Not that I really wanted them, it seems a habit.  And a habit I want to find a way to curb.  (More about this will surely bite me in the ass on another day, I'll bet!)

September 28th
This was the eighth day after starting my Isagenix campaign.  I started on 9/20 and weighed in and measured and did the same on 9/28.  On the eighth day, I had lost 9.5 pounds and an incredible 19 inches.  I was so over the moon.  I had done this same program about 4 or 5 years ago and I had similar results.  The difference this time was my MIND.  Then I was unhappy that I wasn't a size 4 (haha).  No result except instant would have been good enough for me back then.
NOW, my mind was in the right place.  One pound lost, one more pound lost, ....  and after 7 days, 9.5 pounds lost.  The other really really incredible thing was that I had lost 19 inches.  (Details at the bottom)  And for me, I could really see each place a little something was missing.  (It wasn't that my gut was instantly 19 inches smaller, it was a FRACTION off here and a FRACTION off there, albiet that's where the title of my blog comes from.)  And to be honest, it was those places with MY eyes that meant the most to me.  Again, the theme from yesterday is repeated and probably will be again each day forward.  It's MY EYES and MY MIND and MY SPIRIT and MY BODY that I (that's me again) want to change and encourage and celebrate!  And I'm really the only one to do that.

So stay tuned, I'm working on me.  (Narcissitic and Loveable ME)


                   9/20             9/28
Neck          19.5              19
Up Arm L   16                 16
Up Arm R   16                 16
Chest           49                47
Diaphragm   50                 46
Waist           52                50
Abdomen     51                50  (Can you say BARREL?  I have to poke fun, jeepers 50.52.51.  Where the hell is a waistline?)
Up Thigh L  28                 26
Up Thigh R  27                 24.5
Calf L          14.5              15
Calf R          15.5              15.5  (The L one might have been wrong on Day 1 but I've left it. Changing it up would have meant more loss, but it's the measurement I took, so I've left it)
Up Knee L   17.75          16.5
Up Knee R   17.75          16
Total             424.5          405.5
Total Lost  19 INCHES!!!  YIPPEE

Pounds     277                267.5   9.5 lbs lost.  YIPPEE AGAIN

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