Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Oct 11

Happy Monday!!

Today is National Coming Out Day and I am certainly embracing that.  I am coming out of my protective weight shell and looking forward to creating an open and healthy DANNY.

My weighing and measuring day came today.  I will save comments until after the figures:
                 Size Lost in Inches since 10/4
Neck         .25
Up Arm L  .5
Up Arm R  .5
Chest          2
Diaphragm  1
Abdomen   .5
Buttocks    .5  (Buttocks sound nicer than Ass I suppose)
Up Thigh L 1
Up Thigh R 0
Calf L        .25
Calf R        .5
Up Knee L .5
Up Knee R  0
New Total Inches  389
Inches Lost Since 10/4  8.5
Total Inches Lost To Date 35.5

New Weight   263
Weight Lost 1 pound
Total Weight Lost  14 lbs

I did not feel that I would have lost alot of weight this week and I didn't.  I am NOT beating myself up, I am simply listening to my body.  I felt that this was a harder week for me as I imbibed more than I wanted to and I was not as disciplined about eating extra.  HOWEVER, I did what I thought was best at the time.  And I have NO REGRETS.  At the end of a week, I've lost another pound and I am truly happy and blessed about that.

But the GREATEST NEWS is that I've lost another whopping 8.5 inches overall.  I might not have thought I lost much weight, but I was sure I had lost inches.  I can see and feel my body transforming.  And I also did things that would add muscle and strenghthen my body.  And I did. 

Let's see:  In the last ten days, I have done Yoga 5 times, walked 10 miles, climbed 530 stairs and kept active.  Hmmmm, not a bad 10 days.  I'm very proud of myself.

Let's see what today and all my tomorrows hold!  Until then,  XOXOXO

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