Friday, October 22, 2010

(Not My) External Changes

Not only does "Sugar Happens", CHANGE does too.  I know, Uh Huh, everyone knows that.  And to some extent, I think we do all know that Change Happens.  By the end of this Blog, plenty of change will have happened.  5 or 10 minutes (maybe less, maybe more) will have elapsed and the world will have spun a little bit more, and the clouds that have been covering and uncovering the moon will have shifted yet again.

One of the great things that has been happening for me (which I've talked about alot) is that I'm eating much healthier with the aid of Isagenix and I've begun to breathe and move much more fluidly with the aid of Yoga.  Two seemingly small changes, but two choices that have provided me with Measurable changes.

The nutrition and satisfaction of Isagenix has lessened my cravings for certain foods.  My biggest drive-thru moments were either mornings or late evenings.  I haven't had a drive-thru breakfast in over one month.  And while just talking about Jack's breakfasts makes me sorta miss them, I have NOT had one morning where my Isagenix shake wasn't fulfilling and satisfying.  So that part of my "Bad" diet has been replaced with "Good."  And since I'm drinking less, the need for the food to help right the ship in the "water" (we'll call it water for now), has decreased.  So there is one time, if not two times, during each day that I'm choosing Healthy over Non-Healthy.  And this Change has had a definite benefit to my waistline as well as my mental health.

Yoga has reminded me that by releasing the outside and moving my attention to something so simple and necessary as my breathing, I am bringing Peace and Joy to ME! 

This week has been froth, fractured and foamy with External Changes.  These changes haven't been about ME.  They've been about the people around me who for better or worse have influenced my day to day life.  One client's being audited, one ex-client's losing his business, two clients are nearing foreclosure, one client is facing cancer surgery, one co-worker was fired and another one's days are in the single digits now.  And most of the people around these situations are going nuts.  Some are going nuts for obvious reasons, while others are going nuts simply to bathe and relish in the drama.  And make no doubt about it, some of these nuts, I mean people, are taking a Long Long Long Bath because they live for the drama.

I can never be immune to External Changes or Drama.  I can't totally escape it.  But I CAN AND I DO CHANGE the way I peek at it, perceive it and participate in it.  I choose to protect myself (my mental and physical well-being) by eating right, exercising, being a yogi.  By going inward and supporting myself first, and giving myself the right to protect myself, I am able to live more harmoniously.  And by doing so, when I am brushed up against drama, I have the tools within ME to proceed with Joy and Love and Wisdom and to be able to share these attributes to anyone who'd like to share them.

Please remember to put on your air mask first, BEFORE assisting others!   Loving U!

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