Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today as I left Yoga I smelled the 1st wood burning in a nearby home.  At least the first one of this season.  It's been overcast, foggy, misty off and on for a few days.  And I'm totally digging it.  Yesterday I posted on F/b that on Foggy days I just feel the need to BE.  Truthfully, I live (or have chosen to live) in cities where there is lots and lots of Sunshine.  I love sunshine.  It energizes me and I feel ready to conquer the world.  Or at least conquer something or someone. 

The other Fish in my Pisecan existance is tickled and teased by the fog and damp coolness of Autumn.  It seems such a good time for a cup of coffee or tea and a good book.  I'm not much of a couch potato, but on a rare occassion, I just like the coolness to lull my spirit into bliss.

And speaking of Bliss, Yoga was so great this morning.  As usual a bucket of sweat was expelled.  (And not with a gin after-taste.  haha)  Karen does an "Easy Does It" class on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat mornings.  I ain't gonna be no liar, it ain't so easy.  At least to this novice.  But it is challenging and blissful at the same time.  If I can't hold a pose for 1000 years without shaking or moving, who gives a sugar cube??  At times in my life I'd be self-flogging, but not during Yoga.  This is my ZEN and I ain't a-fuckin' with it.  (See I didn't say shit above, I saved it for the fuck.)

So I'm home about to get ready to go to an Isagenix conference which I fully expect to be informational and fun. 

All the best for a Healthy, Happy and Fun existance.  Let's start with NOW!


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  1. Glad to hear you're doing well! We'll catch up when I'm back in town.