Thursday, October 21, 2010

Positive Changes (10/21)

Today's Note from my Louise Hay "I Can 2010" is:

"Positive Changes in my Thinking CREATE Positive Changes in my Life."

I totally feel that this is true.  Each day things will appear to test this philosophy.  And it's how I deal with these things that make me stronger on my journey to good health and good living.

This morning I awoke to dry blotchy skin.  Of course I scrubbed it and now I look like I face ski-ed across a cheese grater.  "Gotta love that."  But my Oakley sunglasses look so fabulous on me!  On the opposite side of appearances from my skin, I am wearing a pair of pants I've owned for a while but couldn't get my "loveliness" into until now.  And I am totally rocking a shirt that looked so cute unbuttoned, but not "so cute" when buttoned; as, the poor little buttons were hanging on and screaming for dear life.  Today, those same buttons are comfortably cradled in their respective holes simply hanging out with assurance and comfort.  Damn I look good, especially when I add my sunglasses.  haha

Positive changes at work:  I try to take my coworkers and clients at their word.  Somedays I feel that the truth and their vocal musings don't always equal.  And then I simply have to remember that these same people are on their journeys too.  I grew up with these amazing Rose colored glasses believing that everyone tells the truth until I learned otherwise.  And while I don't go along expecting folks to lie to me or to be dishonest, for most of my life, I had assumed most people were "truthing".  A life coach told me a while back, that to think others are honest or dishonest was a complete waste of time and energy.  He said "Let everyone be a blank slate on which THEY write.  Read what they write and you will understand the depth of their honesty."  I love it when Sages speak.  And I love it when I'm wise enough shut up and listen.

Today, when I got to work, I wanted a different mood.  So Miss Natalie Cole and I are rocking and waltzing Christmas tunes.  Why the "heavens" not?  It's my iPod and if I want Christmas in October, I'll have it.  And anyday I can tap into that Holiday mood of living and loving is a really really good day!  Now, where's that damned Mistletoe.  I feel like a kiss....

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