Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Signs (Oct 17th)

So I've had two days off and mostly for 'bad behavior" but then WHO is surprised at that?  I ate dinner on Sunday (oh shock of all shocks, haha) and it wasn't all that I wanted.  At least not afterwards.  Yesterday I was totally on my plan but I was way tired from my Sunday out with the boys.

And this morning I got up in a foul mood.  And I don't mean I wanted Pheasant for lunch, I was simply grouchy.  But after a few hours up, that mood wore off.  And as the sun was momentarily peaking through the rain clouds, my mood lightened up.  (That and coffee and my chat with John.  All really great things.)

One "Sign" I've learned about myself is that when I'm depressed or grouchy, I need to be alone.  It's not that I don't want someone else to make me happy or try to cheer me up, I need a minute (or several minutes) of solitude to get re-acquainted with myself.  And fortunately I was able to do just that this morning.  Thank heavens for a morning off from the constraints of clients wanting... wanting... wanting...

So here are other signs I've seen lately:

1.  MY _________________ HURTS.  (This is for a 24 hour emergency clinic.  Oh how I wished for spray paint.  It would have been soooo irreverant!)

2.  Are You On A Spiritual Journey or Gurney?  (A church sign that I truly love.  So many people I know are permanently on the latter when they claim to be on the former.  For them I really do pray.)

3.  The Milk of Human Kindness is Curdling!  (This one is mine.  It reminds me of how I think others are feeling during this economic time.  Patience for others seems to be slim, while whining for one's own self seem to be on the rise.  See #2 for the reason.)

Much love to be on a GREAT Spiritual and Health Journey with some WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL FRIENDS.  And I thank you very much for travelling with ME!



  1. Oh boy, my English degree failed me. It's "one's own self seemS". Oops

  2. Just catching up on your blog...you're such an inspiration. Thank you for helping me get psyched up again for this 30 day challenge.

  3. so very well put Danny, thank you also for pushing me today on the right track, much needed, and Thank You for letting us hop on your journey.