Friday, October 15, 2010

HABITS Firday 10/15

I began to think about Habits last night and how we acquire them and how long we keep them and if they serve any purpose.

Snicker:  I also thought about Religous Habits (ie Nuns) and giggled at that thought.

Then I was struck by the fact that the two aren't so dissimilar.  And then being the Good Boy that I am, with an English degree to my credit, I looked up Habit in the "Wiki" dictionary.  I saw that there were all kinds of Habits:  Religious, Riding (I liked those costumes), and other "Habits" and then of course the one I was actually looking for:  The "Real" Habits of Housewives, Husbands, sons and daughters....

"An acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically".  That's what Wiki says it is and that's what I think of when I think of Habits.  Several habits are wonderful.  I am so fond of brushed clean teeth.  And not only for myself!!!!  I like putting checks in the bank.  That's a fun habit.  It beats putting them in the trunk of the car and leaving them there.  There are lots and lots of wonderful habits.  (And yes, I even admitted that the Nun's habit was an apt title for it since typically a Nun puts on the Habit each day and wears it like it's second nature.  And isn't that what a Habit really is?)

And I also thought about some habits that I don't think are so great.  I have a few.  Oh don't kid yourself, I might have ONE or TWO.  Maybe!!!  haha  Thursday nights are probably my most cherished habit.  It's always been my "get a leg up on the Weekend - Habit".  I wish it gave me the same High or preceived High I used to think it did.  I've noticed that some things I do are simply because they're always done that way.  (This is a particular pet-peeve of mine in work.  It's often used by lazy people who refuse to learn a better way to build a mouse trap.)  Could it be that I, Me, Myself could possibly ever use that thought for my Thursday evenings?  Heavens To Betsy!  (I don't know who Betsy is, but she surely goes to Heaven alot.  She's probably a great flat-backer!)

I am continuing to experiment with ways to make my EVERY DAYS much more enjoyable.  Especially healthy-wise!  Life, Love, Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.  All aspects of my life can use good Habits.  I'm working towards providing myself with them.

Lotsa love to me, and from me to you!

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