Sunday, October 31, 2010

Favorite Things : Smells, Sounds and Sights

SMELL:  Each of us have favorite things, sometimes exceptionally small, that bring us joy.  In this time of Autumn, as with each Autumn, my nose is tickled by the smell of wood burning in a fireplace.  There are few things that invoke the sense of HOME for me as much as wood burning does.  We rarely had a real wood fire in our beautiful fireplace when I was growing up.  But still that smell comforts me!

SOUND:  Growing up in a house that was less than 100 yards from a train track, I was very accustomed to hearing a train.  Our train (of course it belonged to us, at least momentarily) came each night between 11 and 11:15.  You could hear the faint moaning of a far away whistle and that whistle came several more times, each successive time a little louder until the train blew through town (at about 30 miles an hours) before increasing in speed, and then the trailing whistle as it crossed the trestle down by Mr Charlie and Ms Emma's house.  To this day, I swear I can hear a train whistle that is miles away.  Each morning when the train leaves the Burbank Airport headed for Santa Clarita, it leaves 8 miles from where I live and I can hear the whistle as it announces its departure.  That is a sound that I shall never cease to enjoy hearing.  (The second sound I love is a Rooster crowing, but that can wait until I talk about cooking!)

SIGHT:  Today marked a sight that I've only seen ONE time in the last 7 years!  And that was 259 on my scales.  I Finally weigh under 260 pounds.  At the height of my running, I weighed 261 pounds, so I am officially under that mark.  I had hoped to be at 255 by today, and that did not happen.  However, and most importantly, I am completely at peace with where I am today!!!!  I will get to 255 on another day and that day will be celebratory too!

So here are the stats as they stand today:
Neck 18
Up Arm L  14
Up Arm R  15
Chest  44.5
Diaphragm  43.5
Waist  47
Abdomen  46.5
Butt  47  (If I dropped it like it was hot, I still need help getting it back up.  But not for long!)
Up Thigh L  24
Up Thigh R  24
Calf L  14.75
Calf R  15
Up Knee L  15.5
Up Knee R  16
Total Inches Today  384.25
Total Inches 10/11  389
Total Inches Lost  4.25
Total Weight Today  259
Total Weight 10/11  263
Total Weight Lost  4 Pounds

Total Inches Lost To Date   39.75

Total Weight Lost To Date  18

So my senses are awakened!  And so am I!!!  Much love!!!

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