Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When I started this journey I realized that I wanted to lose a number of pounds and since for the last 25 years, Quarter Century, 2 1/2 Decades or nearly 3/4 OR was that 1/2 of my life, I've supported myself with doing math.  Or Bookkeeping.  Or Accounting.  Or Finance.  You get the numbers picture.

So I wanted to keep a Numbers theme but didn't want to call it the Numbers of Dan.  (Too many people already have an idea of how many numbers Dan has or has had, so Fractions seemed to be more FUN.

When I do Half Marathons or Training Sessions, I'm always counting.  If I do 6 miles in training: At Mile 2, I'm 1/3 of the way done;  At Mile 3, I'm half way home etc.  (Unique little me also counts stairs!  Nearly staircase, nearly everytime.  Unless someone is talking to me.  Or I'm practicing my wave.  Long Story!  Another blog.)

So I decided to apply the same math principle to my Journey to Better Health and Less Weight.

I started at 277 lbs and I intend to finish up at 185 lbs.  That will ultimately be a loss of 92 lbs.  For simplicity, my stated goal on my Blog will be 90 lbs.  (It's so much easier than trying to do divisions into 92.)  An unfortunate thing about a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) is that 13 is NOT easy to do with Fractions.  But trust me, sometimes if I'm bored or tired or need to occupy my mind, I'm out there doing "this is 7/13s of the distance of 12/52 (3/13's) of the way through."

So at my last weigh in I had lost 14 lbs.  At 15 lbs , I will be 1/6th of my way to my goal.  That is ONE out of SIX.  And since there are currently 6 colors of M&M's (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Brown) I guess I've eaten ONE of the M&M's.  Schoolhouse myths have it that the Green one makes you Horny, so I'm saving that color for the last!!!  (And if you Wiki M&M's you can see the colors as they started and how they've evolved.  That is if you're finished reading my blog!)  So I will call this first 6th Orange

The Fractions and the M&M's are just two of the twisted things my beautifully talented mind thinks of...

Until later!  Dannyboy

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  1. Darling,

    The British (which we used to be) have a measurement where 14lbs equals one stone. Old people still talk in terms of how many stones they weigh. Now days, the term stone is mostly used for dramatic effect. To say you have lost a "whole stone" conjures up in people's minds a huge achievement. To say you are going to do it is to impress others with the scope of your ambition.

    My image of the stones falling away is of the rocks on my back crumbling to dust - perhaps my convict heritage plays into that idea of freedom and release.

    Congratulations my love...let freedom ring!!!!