Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yes (es) and No (s)

At just after the dark of Noon today (10/20) I can report that the day has already been sprinkled with a plenty of both.  I got up early this morning to go walking with my Buddy Cyndee.  We started at 6:30.  We checked in with each other around 6 a.m. and Cyndee relays the weatherman's prediction of rain at 7. 

Should we go???   YES.  We made a determination to go inspite of....  I drug along my big umbrella just incase of a downpour.  I had the umbrella up for a little while, but mostly we braved the misty rain and did our 3 miles in an hour.  And we also said YES to skipping the muddy trails and dug our heels into the sidewalks of North Hollywood. 

I also said YES to eating healthy today.  I had my shake once I was home from the walk.  And I've been a good boy in watching my food intake.

And I've said YES to Yoga tonight and Friday night.  So I have time to stretch out before my 12 mile walk on Saturday.  Yippee?!?

And now for the NO.  For the most of this year, I've eaten whatever I wanted.  And it showed up little by little on my ampleness.  At my Wednesday client they are usually the salad - ruffage type peeps.  But today the owner wanted a BIG Philly Cheesesteak.  And to that I had to resort to saying NO!  Gently, then less so, I suggested that we go healthier.  So we had a Shish Kabob with beef and yummy veggies.

I TOTALLY RULE with the Yes (es) and No (s) TODAY!!!

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