Saturday, October 9, 2010

Everyday is a Blessing and A New Beginning (Sat 10/9)

Today I started my day with a wonderful sleep.  It was so heavenly to be back in my own bed where I am able to restore at my greatest speed.  A friend of mine used to always want to lay on my bed and I would refuse her.  I finally had to tell her that my bed is my paradise.  I love and loved her, but didn't want her energy.  I am sure this is why the majority of people don't sleep well their first night in a hotel.  The hotel bed isn't your paradise, but a shared one.  My bed is my paradise and I use it to restore myself!

I went to Lotus Rising (my local yoga studio) where I took a wonderful class with a new teacher/guide.  It was grand to mix it up.  Karen helped me stretch places that I had forgotten about.  I intend to show someone (I haven't met him yet) my new poses.  It's gonna be wicked.  Using good techniques to accomplish other good goals is very very productive.

I left LA on Wed to go to San Fran to see a Friend of mine perform.  Seeing her was amazing and wonderous.  She blesses my soul when she sings and when we are together.  I revel in her delight!

For my health I did several unique things for myself:
1.  I left my laptop and camera home.  (I love to communicate with each, but this time I wanted to communicate with nature and myself and not have to be burdened with carrying these items.)  This is my second trip without my laptop.  I missed it, but not too much....  haha
2.  I took all of the items needed to stay on my eating program.  (Details at the end)  And I also followed my program.
3.  I did a small workout in the hotel gym and I ALSO took a Yoga class.  I can count on one hand how many activities other than running I've done on any and all trips in the last year.  So two on one trip was BIG.
4.  I walked often, took public transport some and cabbed a couple of times.  All in all, I was very active.

My Program:
As I mentioned before, I am on Isagenix.  For me I have two different kinds of days in terms of food:
1.  Breakfast Shake; A Sensible Lunch; and Dinner Shake.  These are supplimented with a few snacks and other stuff.  It's been quite easy. 
2.  Cleanse Days:  These consist of Liquids only.
So for my trip, I was on Shake, Meal, Shake days and completed them as I needed to.

I was anxious about how OH HOW could poor little ME ever get this accomplished.  Once I got out of my own way, it was easy.  I put each shake portion in a SNACK zip-lock.  Then I put these snacks in a SANDWICH zip-lock.  WOW, how low tech and easy.  **CHUMP**  haha.  I also took one plastic bottle with a big mouth (like mine) and used hotel ice, water and shake.  And then I did a "Shake Weight" workout!!!  I totally freaking rock!!!!

More about my weight loss and inches lost tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing the ride.  Love and Peace (and preparing for a Piece!!!)

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  1. Getting out of our own way is going to be the most difficult thing we do on our journeys! Congrats on being able to find your way this time. May it give you strength/confidence/inspiration to do so again!