Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here we are on Day #2 of 2011.  So far, I'm liking it.  And I consider that I will make the most out of liking it for the next 363 days as well.  Hey, it's only 356 days until Christmas.  Ha Ha.

Christmas is my second favorite Holiday in a year.  My Birthday is my most favorite.  Yesterday I started my New Year off on the right pose by going to Yoga.  I was so stoked and ready before I got there, and then when I first arrived, all I could think of is "when is this over?"  It certainly wasn't that I didn't want to do Yoga, or that the class was in any way was unappealing.  It was that a wave of separatism washed over me.  Despite that emotion, I put as much of my soul and spirit into the class and as usual was aptly rewarded.

After class Rick and I stopped and "partooked" in coffee and a danish.  (OK, I didn't share one morsel of that Danish, but I know Rick enjoyed watching me stuff it down. LOL)  We discussed that neither of us had really enjoyed this recent Holiday of Christmas and New Years.  Oh, I had great times at parties or at home being alone, but this year's Christmas was off, somehow, just off.  As I type this I also realize that not every Christmas can be "THE BEST."  I mean, this isn't Wall St where the profits are supposed to climb without ever have a "correction."  So 2010's year end holiday festivities were simply a "correction".  Certainly, and thank heavens, not BAD, just off.

Then Ricky-Ticky and I talked about BALANCE.  And how both of us will strive to have more Balance in 2011.  I jokingly refer to myself as a Control Junkie, but assuredly, it's really the Balance that I want to acheive.  For me, it's not about driving the car, or piloting the yacht, it really is about "did it appeal to my Heart, Mind AND Soul?"

So lift one leg and put it in front of the other and then the other leg and so on.  One step at a time in Peace and Harmony and Balance!

These are the things I wish for OUR 2011.

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