Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Short Post

Today, we have a potential client in the conference room that has a laugh that would make Pagliacci stop crying.  (At least I  hope Pag is the crying clown.)  All I know is that this Half Giggle, Half Laugh is so nervous and getting louder and every employee is now on the edge of their seat in frustration.  And he hopes to be represented in a lawsuit.  I can only imagine the courtroom AND the judge the first time Mr Clown squeals out with laughter.  At least I can't say that Twenty Eleven hasn't already presented me with my first Clown of the Year.  Thanks Mr Sondheim, No need to "Send In The Clowns", they're already here.  LOL

Cheers to MORE Laughter and Clowns to bring it!

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