Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Four

So Twenty Eleven is definitely on.  I am in the throws of deciding which Half Marathons to do this year.  I have been a-googlin' races all of the US map.  So far, I am sticking with races here in the US with an eye on maybe going International in 2012.  (Time will tell on that.)  My unofficial goal has been to complete Half Marathons in each state, with no particular goal as a finish date, just completing all 50.

To date I have completed a nine half marathon in six states:
California (Four)
New York and
North Carolina. 

The following is a list of highly potential races for 2011:
Feb 13 - Palm Springs 
Apr 16 - Roanoke, VA (Blue Ridge Marathon) 
May 15 - Pasadena
Aug 20 - Park City, UT
Sep 11 - Chicago
Oct 2 - Sacramento, CA or  Oct 9 - Joplin, MO (Mother of All Roads)
Dec ?? - Oxnard, CA  (Santa to Sea)

This schedule would give me three new states, but I hope for five, so let's see if the above changes.  Indianapolis substituing for Sacramento and adding Memphis (12/3) and Philadephia (11/20) would give me more out of state.

I am ever mindful of doing 2 races on two consecutive weekends.  I did Miami the last weekend in January in 2009 and Huntington Beach the first weekend in February the same year.  Jeepers, by mile 8 I thought my feet had fallen off.  There was only 3 weeks between Cincinnati and Buffalo and that too was hard.  So I've tried to give no less than 4 weeks between races.  And of course, $$$ is a race factor.  Between the race fees, air travel (if any) and the hotel, races can get costly.  But it's totally worth it.  If I hit the lottery, I'll double the race schedule!

And it's NOT raining today, so that's a big, BIG plus.


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