Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Friends SAME Feeling

How often SS,DD (Same Shit, Different Day) has been uttered I couldn't even begin to estimate.  It seems that this kind of sentiment is all too pervasive.  And I will admit that I'm just as guilty of expressing these same sentiments.  But today I share a completely different sentiment.  Here is part of an email that I received from a woman with whom I worked with over a dozen years ago:

I will be there for you any month, any day,
any time, and now I am so looking forward to
seeing you in March.
How perfect you would be for this (a job opening)

- and if you
noticed I had to mention the negatives of our
former CFO - because culture means just the
opposite of what he was about.  But I don't
discuss "toxic" any more and refuse to have
it in my world - if possible.
..., and so we march on !   Love ya, Miriam
The red and purple section are from me.  Miriam had sent me a job opening notice.  It is in NY and truthfully I would love to apply and win the job.  It isn't in the cards currently, but.... 

Miriam is a breast cancer survivor and it left her emboldened and brazen.  She is not afraid, she is sure.  She knows what she does or does NOT want in her life.  I LOVE IT!  She and I shared the same boss when we worked together and he took advantage of her at every opportunity.  I don't think either of us realized how much until we left.  And her cancer experience gave her real balls back to her.  God Bless Miriam.
The part that I loved the most is And So We March On!  How true.  Each day on this earthly journey, we do march on.  The marching on reminds me so often of scenes from GWTW or other war movies where the soldiers are marching and marching.  But here Miriam and I are on the same point.  We are marching on, but with our Heads Held High, Proud and Sure.  Again God Bless Miriam.  I wish all of us a proud march forward in Peace and Prosperity.

Love, D

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