Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End (Old Friend), Year Begin (New Friend)

Goodbye 2010, my old friend.  You were oh so good to me in so many ways.  For the 4th year in a row, you provided me with a way to get to NYC for my birthday and the money to spend while there.  And once again, I had such a rocking good time.  And I plan to repeat that again with my new friend who will be coming to escort me through next year.

Finally with the Old, I got my mind wrapped back around the desire to complete Half Marathons.  So 2010 brought me that opportunity in the way of the Outer Banks Marathon in N.C.  2010 offered me many others to participate in, but for whatever reason I only accepted one.  My new friend will also bring me many opportunities to participate, and now the fun begins with deciding which of these to accept.  And accept I shall.

My old friend brought me the realization that the pounds and the waistline wouldn't reduce themselves without my participation.  So my old friend brought me back to Isagenix and that program for eating healthier and cleaner.  Now my new friend will journey along side of me as I participate more with Isagenix and get healthier and handsomer!

My old friend kept my parents around.  I am especially lucky to have 3 parents who are still on this earthly plane.  For them 2010 posed some issues, but by year end, those issues have been conquered or at least harnessed.  I'm hoping that my new friend treats them with love and comforts them as they make their journeys.

And uniquely for me, my old friend showed me some new things work-wise.  And I observed, listened and understood what things worked for me with my old friend and taught me what to expect with my new friend.  And also, which ways to proceed and which hurdles to either jump effortlessly or to sidestep completely.

My old friend introduced me to a new way of getting outta my mind and into my zen: YOGA.  For this I will be eternally grateful and ever mindful of what works for me.  Peace is obtainable! 

Today, the last day of the year, I was blessed with a call from my buddy who is serving for me in Afghanistan.  We had a 36 minute conversation that warmed my heart and didn't make me tearful for a change.  :)  I have been blessed by Frank and continue to be so and look forward to many many wonderful and rewarding times together soon.

AND, I am ever so thankful for you coming along with me on my journey.  2010 was really grand and I fully expect 2011 to be even more grand!

Peace for your year end and Peace for you year begin!  May God (in its many forms) bless you and me.


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