Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Challenge

So this week I hooked up with a friend of mine online and we have committed to doing the Blue Ridge Marathon in Roanoke, VA.  It's billed as one of the hardest marathons in the country.  But I've kicked asphalt before, and this nearly 1300 foot incline will be a walk in the park.  No seriously, it IS a walk in the park. 

Before I go to VA to do the Blue Ridge, I will be in Palm Springs on February 13th to do Half Marathon #10.  It is billed as mostly flat and since I've been out in the desert many times, I do know that there are mountains there, but more flat land, so I assume it will be quite easy to accomplish.  But training has begun.

Today, I started my first hill work.  I did .5 miles of a steady incline to about 300 feet.  It was a steady incline without a release.  Once I made it to the top, I did a round-about on some up and downs and then I headed back down.  Not a very long distance, but a good one.  My assent took only 8 minutes which is far faster than I usually cruise along, so the old (I mean nearing middle age) ticker was a-tickin' fast and hard.  I realized that I was totally alive.  ha ha  Tomorrow I intend to kick up a little dust working the Baxter stairs, those fun 230 stairs up the side of a mountain in Echo Park, stairs.

And next week we will get 1 to 2 miles in uphill mountain climbing.  So there is my next workout challenge.


Blue Ridge Marathon

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