Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peace and Harmony

Yesterday, I took the bus and the train to work.  My clients are downtown on Mondays.  I have an annual bus/train/subway pass that I use from time to time.  After work,  I took the Red Line (subway) to Union Station and hopped on the Gold Line (light rail) and went to South Pasadena.  In So Pas is one of my favorite French restaurants (which isn't open on Mondays) but there is another healthy food restaurant that has Quiche, homemade I might add, on their menu.  And last night I wanted Quiche.  I arrived just at 6 and they were closing.  They tired very hard to sell me something to go, but truthfully I wanted to sit and be pampered, not to eat on the park bench.  And while I like to eat on the park bench, last night wasn't the night for that.

So I ambled around Mission Street and found a "new to me" Indian restaurant.  I love Indian food and now I love this new place.  I was well fed AND well pampered at Radhika.  The food and the service were superb and my soul was so nourished.  (This after a "hung low" day from my buddy Jack in my previous blog.)  I left Radhika and just as I was exited I heard my train approaching and I ran along the platform just in time to catch it back to Union Station.  Our Union Station in LA is very similar to the other Union Stations out west.  It's a low long mission styled building.  With train and rail lines out back and subway lines downstairs.  Between the Gold and Red lines I sat in the expansive lobby and just WAS.  No muss, no fuss.  I was so happy to see others simply being as well.  I was joyed to see so many either reading or chatting, either on a phone or to another human, and all seeming so peaceful.  After my respite, I entered the Red Line train.  My journey was from one end of the Red line (Union Station) to the other end (North Hollywood).  Then onto the Orange Line (the bus) back to LA Valley college and my car to head home.  All the while I was so enchanted to see how calm people were.  I love taking public transportation.  It's peaceful to me.  I usually see many colorful peeps and often lots of loud and rambunctious people, but yesterday we all seemed like tired children coming home from a field trip.  Maybe my soul wasn't the only one wanted to get home safely and with ease.  Maybe we were all in one accord.

Today dawned brightly after a great night's sleep and the clients today have been 2 very VERY different ones, but neither with much drama.  Maybe for this week, drama will only appear on TNT.  THEY know drama!

May your week be filled with Peace and Harmony and GREAT LOVE!

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