Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Bright New Day

Today dawned ever so gently for me.  I awoke a little before 7, after having slept so wonderfully, and I simply luxuriated for another 30 minutes or so enjoying the peace and tranquility of early morning.  When I finally did fully awake, I was aware of the distant sun shining its glorious light through the window shades.  The restorative sleep coupled with day being filled with sunshine delighted my heart.  I tossed the covers aside and sprang up from my bed.
This springing was another reason to be elated.  Not needing assistance is one of the first things I’m thankful for each and every morning.  The simple fact that I have my limbs and that they work makes me a happier camper.  This is a life lesson that I learned from Della Reese many years ago.  She said she thanked God each and every time she was able to stand up from her bed on her own accord.  This so impressed me, that I adopted the exact same philosophy.  I consider that I cuss and fuss plenty during a day’s time, so if I can remember to praise a little in the mornings, I “might” have a fighting chance to make it a good day.
So today I give thanks for “getting up” and I give thanks for the Sunshine and I give thanks that I’m here on my journey for at least one more day; and hopefully, I’m here for lots more.

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