Friday, January 7, 2011


FUCKING!  There I said it!  LOL

Over the last few years, I have worked with a small collection of interwoven people.  I set out to do a diagram, but truthfully it even confused me on how to do it.  I will give you a short essay to explain:

I had one client who became two clients.  One of those was married to another client.  They got a divorce.  I don’t work for the ex-wife anymore.  I also worked for his brother.  No more.  I work for the brother’s ex-wife.  I’m still there.  I now work with the second ex-wife’s current husband.  Also the two ex-wives are best friends, again.  Next, I worked for two best friends, and also the children of their other best friend.  I have now left the children.  I worked for the daughter of one of the remaining two best friends.  When she announced she was divorcing her husband, I left her AND her father.  I am still with one of the best friends.  Briefly I worked for his daughter too, but thankfully no more.  I now work with another of his best friends.  A client of the children above is now a client of mine.  Their accountant turned me onto a new client.  I work with three CPA who represent some or all of the above.  Jeepers it’s no wonder that some days I can’t remember who I am supposed to be loyal too and who is on the shit list.   
All of the above shenanigans are another reason why BALANCE is King this year.  (I maintain that I have little drama in my personal life because I had so much drama at work.)  This first week in Twenty Eleven has already been better than most of the weeks in 2010.  And truthfully, most of 2010 was great for me.  I am laying out boundaries that will keep me balanced and still allow me to offer my services in accounting.  (I firmly believe that what I do IS a service.  I’m not too good to get my hands dirty.)   

And, I am also applying my running attitude to work.  Lift one foot and advance it.  Place it down and lift the back foot, move it to the front.  Repeat often.  As I smoothly sail through twenty eleven, it will be one foot in front of the other with Grace and Dignity and Peace and Harmony.  I wish the same for you.  


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