Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Few Real Surprises

I've often said the most dangerous person to Lie To is one's own self.  And I believe that's it's true.  It's a sad situation when you encounter someone who is lying to themselves and believing it.

So with a whirlwind of constant stress in the last couple of months (most of which I allowed but didn't create) and not being as vigilant as I woulda/coulda/shoulda been, I am not really surprised at today's results.

In total, I have gained 2.75 inches and I have gained 4 pounds.

While I wish it had been the other way around, that I could boldly and proudly announce that I have lost those same amounts, I can not.

Now is the time to enjoy myself, to revel in my accomplishments, and to get to getting to where I want to be on my journey.  And to enjoy the scenery along the way.  Yesterday, I consumed about 1600 calories and today it should be that or less.  Last night I walked about 2 miles (just a little under) and today I will walk about the same distance or a little more.

Today I have 3 clients to work with, two across the street from each other downtown and one more, either in Mid-Wilshire or Santa Monica.  Which is my final destination will unfold as the day does.  Yesterday, I spent 4+ hours with one client who hasn't had phones in a week and yesterday their computer was down.  I was as calm as a cucumber (ever how calm that is) and refused to be excited that I wasn't able to finish their year end stuff.  It will get finished when the time is right!

So I'm off to Save My World and make a Difference.  I vow to pass a Kind Word to another Human in the hopes of brightening their day.  And I vow to pass a Kind Word to my Mind so as to brighten my day.  Won't you join me?


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