Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Fun-DAY SU-day

Oh my heavens!  What one night of a GREAT sleep can do for one's spirit.  Today I am HAPPY.  HAPPY!  ELFING HAPPY!!!!

That commercial that asks "Who does depression hurt?  Everyone."  It's so true.  I have allowed my soul to get tangled in much more than the Christmas Lights and Tinsel.  Few people are unaware that "times" are tough.  But of late, I've allowed myself to "feel" others pain, shame and regret and I've even indulged in my own.  I haven't been my usual "Rise Above The Frey".  In late Nov, I promised blogs on health and racism but today's not that day.  But others' health issues and old "Friends" spewing racism marred my trip home to NC.  And since I've been back I haven't been able to shake that.  And then to return to clients who need constant hand holding in regards to THEIR challenges, has kept me down.

And truthfully, this is the 29 year as an adult who is single for the Holidays.  And that ain't easy either.  Most of the time being single is who I am (I claim it, after all this time haha).  But that Singleness is never so apparent than at Christmas as I decorate my home. 

LOL>>>  I laugh because I know I'm one truly controlling HO who would probably be divorced the first time a Hubby "tried" to help ME decorate.  I'd be like NOT THERE, over THERE.  haha  With little let up.

So the GREAT night's sleep brought me back to the realization of my divine self.  (I am still NOT happy that Frank's in Afghanistan, but I am dealing with it!)  But   I     AM    LOVE  !!!!  And I'm loved.  And I do love.  And what could be more beautiful for the Holidays?  Nothing in my Opinion.

So with that said, I extend LOVE to you and  to yours and pray for more and more Love for a world that so desparately wants it.  Reach out and get you some.  I have extra if you need it!


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