Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello Old Friend (Blog Spot)

Oh my I have so much to say.  My heart is filled with so many varied thoughts and emotions.  I haven't done a blog in far too long. 

But today I am giving THANKS for my friend Frank who is in Afghanistan this Christmas.  I wish I could say that he was there on vacation discovering the "ancient" world, but that is not how it works this Christmas.

For the past three years, Frank has been a constant friend in my daily world.  We might not be around each other daily, but certainly not one week in the last three years has past that we haven't been in touch.  And now I find myself so far away from my friend.  And I'm not a bitch to share!  Hello, I am an only child and according to most of the ignorant bunch, we are always selfish and self-centered.  And in this moment I will be EVERYTHING bad that's been said about only children.  I want my Frank HOME.  Fuck the perceived war and fuck Geo Bush Jr O-bam-a-lama.  So much for the promises of bringing "them home".  It might have gotten you elected, but my HOPE isn't in Afghanistan, it's in the US and I can tell you that in my "never" humble opinion, we need every resource we have home to build our own country.  But perhaps that's too simplistic to get a HO elected.  So there you have it, I ain't gonna be president anytime soon.

And if you wonder where all of this comes from, I'm stamping my feet that Frank isn't here to help ME decorate for Christmas.  I can assure you that those Icicles  shit wasn't invented by a Piscean.  The symmetry is all wrong.  And even tho Frank is an artist, he wasn't so good at it either.  But having my friend here to help was worth fighting for.  So you can bet I will be at the election booth trying to get my friend HOME where he belongs.

Now, after all that ranting and raving, I feel better, sorta...  I do love Christmas and what it stands for.  At least the peace that was brought to this weary world so many years ago.  And it's PEACE that I want for this Holiday Season.  Peace for my soul, peace for my life, peace for my friends and yes even peace for those I don't care for.  Let Peace reign, for it is in Peace that freedom is won.  Amen and So It Is!!!

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