Monday, December 27, 2010


I had hoped, planned, intended, wished (you get the picture) to restart my Diet and Exercise program last week.  I have scheduled a Photo Shoot for January 18th and with my plan last week, I would have four weeks to accomplish as much as possible before the shoot.  Now with starting today, I have 3 weeks.

But a great thing about each day is we are giving the opportunity to Start Anew.  Or each evening, or noontime or whichever time we choose.  So TODAY is the New Start for me.  I am motivated and ready to challenge myself to new heights and dimensions.

Tomorrow, the 28th will be the first time in weeks that I will weigh and measure.  Since going to NC in November, I have allowed myself a very wide latitude in my schedule.  I have replaced lots of meals with a shake or a meal replacement bar, but I’ve also indulged in extra food and drinks and snacks and haven’t felt guilty doing so.  I have tried to monitor (from a distance) exactly what I’ve eaten, and I do know that some of those choices could have been better, but they were what they were.

Rick has been kind in telling me that I look as if I’m still reshaping my body in a positive way, but I know my knowledge of what I’ve eaten makes me leery.   But as stated above, it is what it is.  I shall NOT condemn myself, but rather know that I am still on my journey to where I desire to be body shape and mentally.

Speaking of my old friend Mental Health, about 10 or 12 days ago, I left a client and was chatting with my mom on the phone.  She asked me how my day was and I replied that it was really, really good.  At that moment, I realized that it HAD BEEN good and that I had missed that feeling.  In the last 2 or 3 months, I have allowed how others are perceiving their lives (read my clients) to permeate my life and stress me in ways that aren’t healthy.  How can I “Feel their Pain” and not be affected?  I resolved right there and then that “Their Pain” would remain THEIRS.  I wish all of them well, but what happens to them, happens to them.  And if by some chance that actually comes to affect me, then I must find a way to deal with it THEN.  If you worry about tomorrow, that is you.  I can’t worry for you.  So I vow to be Present in my Present and let you and everyone have their experience as it happens.


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