Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Adventures

So today is the first day of my newest adventure.  I'm looking forward to it.  I started with a great night of sleep and then I started my day with coffee and a shake.

Blake from Illuminations (where I got my new lighting system) came and corrected a spot light that wasn't working correctly and so now the art in my dining room is properly lit and the rest of the lights look magnificent.

As for my new journey, I've started but I'm not quite ready to share its details yet.  Details to be forthcoming.

I have only one client today and several errands to accomplish and then tonight I have a 'cheap' Santa Christmas gift swap at a wonderful little hole in the wall restaurant near Lake Balboa.  It will be fun and silly and filled with lots of people in a festive Holiday Spirit (or two).  I'm looking forward to it.

Part of my journey this year is that I will be in LA for Christmas instead of NC.  In the 12+ years I lived in Miami, I only missed on Christmas in NC and now I am repeating that here in LA.  It feels might strange, but I'm sure I will make it.  My heart will be with my family, but my body won't be.  It would be nice if I was missing it for some reason other than money and work, but I guess those two reasons are reason enough.

Be well and chat soon!

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