Friday, December 17, 2010


(And people and situations)

Two years ago I bought an ornament that was cracked.  I didn’t realize it until I got it home.  So here were my emotions:  “Oh poor thing, it’s so cute and I simply cannot throw it away.  And it was too inexpensive of an ornament to take it back, wait in line and hope that they had a whole one.  I will just glue it and make it all better.”

Two years later, the ornament is still in rotation on the tree and it’s still cracked.  It could use a little fixing, but it is operating simply fine without a ‘fix.”

Now, if I could only get the rest of my life to operate on the EXACT same level.  I see a situation that (I perceive) needs a little fixing and I simply want to wade in and get to fixing.  And since I only have my mind to work with, I don’t know if others see things and want to fix them or not.  Perhaps they see a situation that they perceive needs fixing, and they don’t concern themselves with it.  Maybe I am the only one, or only one of a few, who simply feels compelled to fix.

The effects of the holidays affect each of us differently.  And when I see that broken ornament that needs a little glue, I want to supply that glue.  My goal for this year is to only lend or offer glue when it’s asked for.  To allow all of the ornaments to move at the pace that it’s moving, to glitter at the brightness it’s glittering and to simply be what it is. 

The only Ornament I want to adjust is me, and only if I really need an adjustment.  Otherwise, I will move at my pace, glitter at my brightness and simply be.

Merry Christmas!

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