Thursday, November 4, 2010


Foul Mouthed Twisted Little Post Ahead

When I was in college, Tom (meat manager at the grocery store I worked at) had a big ole belly on him.  One day another co-worker was making fun of his gut.

Tom said, "It's a poor man how doesn't build a shelter over his tools?"  Well with that in mind, at 287.5 pounds three years ago, I had built a fucking condo tower over my tools.  And without a mirror, I had not way of seeing if my tools were still there or not.  They were surely buried in the damned basement.

So what stated on 9/20 (6 weeks and 3 days ago) has netted me 18 pounds lost and 39.75 inches lost too.  (This time I started at 277 pounds and am down to 259!!)

And the tools that I can now tell Tom about aren't the ones being excavated, but the ones I'm learning on a daily basis from Skinny Cyndee and Frank and Rick and Udana and so many others is that by putting "Good" Tools in my Toolbox (My Mind and Spirit), I have the instruments to build a FLAT PLAYGROUND above my tools for me and others to play on. 

Watch out!  New Player emerging!

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