Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So today on Facebook I posted:

"Is there an online application for the Circus.  I'm seriously thinking of joining it.  At least I would work with REAL Clowns!"

At times in my life I've tried to wing it on my own.  I know that inside of me is that "Little Voice" of pure wisdom (God) that never leads me astray.  I listen intently and consult it often.  Back in the summer I got an opportunity to work on a new project.  The leader of that project was someone who had been 'spotty' at best in my past dealings with them.  But I decided to meet up and see where they were today.  I sought and implored my little voice often trying to determine if I should say Yes or say No.  Truthfully, the answer I heard was mixed.  The answer was a Yes with provisions.  And those provisions would mean I would have to keep vigilant and perhaps make difficult decisions in the future.  So I accepted the project with knowledge.  And now that I clearly see that "the circus tent was strung with every star in the sky...  Now the young world has turned old.  Gone are the tensile and gold!"  (God bless Lorenz Hart!  What grace and beauty encompassed his lyrics!)  So this Little BOY Blue will sit here and count my fingers, what else can I do?  (I'm counting fingers 'cause the freaking check bounced.  haha.  boo hoo)

So with the same Grace and Beauty that flowed so eloquently from the Master Lorenz Hart, I will pull the plug on THIS Circus and seek a new one.

I do believe in simplicity.  And lately I've felt I've been pulled, pushed and squeezed into too many situations that have spread me too thin.   So now my new task will be to pull back and trim.

Funny as I am about to hit the Publish button, the CLOWN appears on my phone.  But it doesn't change what I must do for myself.

My next post will be about pruning!  And I don't mean eating prunes either.  ;)

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