Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pesky Little Thing Called "TRUTH"

to the tune of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

"The TRUTH shall set you free!"  Does it?  I think so.
"And Nothing but the TRUTH so help me God."  Wow.  Really??
TRUTH or Consequences.  Just a game show or a reality?

The TRUTH is one aspect of life that seemingly should be a constant.  Truthfully, I don't think does for everyone.  "It's always better to tell the TRUTH."  Yes it is!!

In Others and ME


Most of us work, and most of us out of necessity.  Bills like to be paid, dinner likes to arrive on the table, and new outfits surely NEED to be bought!  haha  So at work (as in all of life), we deal with TRUTH in it many varied forms.  If you 'compromise' your principles, bend the 'truth' or agree to go shady, it becomes expected.  I wonder how many times in my professional life I've 'looked the other way?'

There aren't going to be any Day of Judgement Confessions here, just some musings.  Yesterday, I was asked to LIE.  Of course, it was disguised nicely.  I was simply to shade the edges of the truth with little bits of color to add zest and sparkle.  But this time, I instantly saw that the simple request of shading would have long term expectations and consequences.  And NONE of those expectations or consequences would be for my Higher Good.  NONE of them.  What I was being asked to do was to choose a side, and accept their newly created version of the truth.  What had been conjured up in their mind ended up being a Witches' Brew of Deceit.  And I wasn't sacrificing my Third Eye of TRUTH for them or anyone else.  The two plus hours of arguing and wrangling about my saying NO was epic.

Funny (in a very sad way) how telling the TRUTH and refusing to BEND has become something that must be defended.  I was grilled, questioned, harangued and made to feel disloyal all because I refused  to EMBELLISH the Truth.  Jeepers, that's really screwed up!  But in the end, "tired and wet, cold you bet", I held my ground and chose the TRUTH.  It will raise it's ugly head again and sooner rather than later, I expect.  Oh don't delude yourself, it ain't over.  It's just beginning.  But I'm proud that by keeping true, I won't have any regrets in this situation.

When my parents were divorcing, both Mama and Daddy had emotions.  Understandable.  And their emotions were different.  Understandable yet again.  But those emotions pulled me in different directions.  Not fun.  A wonderfully fabulous waitress (some of my best advice has come from waitresses) told me:

"Honey, there's your Mama's Truth and there's your Daddy's Truth.  And they ain't always the same."

Oh how truth-filled that statement is.  So I look at the above situation and I realize that the only TRUTH that matters in my life is keeping my own TRUTH and steadfastly sticking to it.


When I started on my journey of transforming my life, I wanted to do some mirror work.  I may have mentioned it before, and if you really know me, I am quite vain.  Even at 100 + pounds of over-weight-ness, I was still vain.

But I decided with this journey, I wanted to SEE my TRUTH.  Not just in the small mirrors on the wall which showed my pretty face.  (And it is pretty damn it!!!)  But I also wanted to  see my waistline (or where one ought to be) and hips and back and legs and chest, and yes that "angelic" face.  (Don't make me get ruff with you!)  So just before I started my diet, I shaved off my facial hair.  I wanted to see the truth of the chins without any camouflage.  I wanted to see exactly what I looked like.  (However, I am so NOT interested in seeing the gray hair.  I still have an imagination.  I can imagine what that looks like.)

So I try each day to see the Real TRUTH of who and what I am.  And I thank you for taking this journey with me.  XO Peace and Truth!!

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