Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Why Are You Fat?

Isn't it funny how we adults seem to unlearn.  As babies, we cry when we're hungry or wet or feeling bad.  We don't cry when we look at the clock and see Mickey standing as if he's in a drug raid with both hands in the air and then scream I must eat now.  As babies we cried when we were wet; we didn't fabricate wet to get attention.  As babies we also didn't create continual drama so we could feel bad.  Notice babies seem to giggle, coo, throw their hands and feet into the air and they look at everything, new or old, with wonder and amazement.  When does this stop?  And why is it we seem to unlearn the simple things.

The other day, I was hanging with my favorite four year old who was jumping around like a mexican jumping bean in a box.  So in my childlike way, I decided I could too.  And I did.  So there we were a 4 year old and a nearing middle age man jumping around like 'dos primos locos" and having a ball.  When I, the nearing middle aged one, decided that I'd had enough, I said "whew that's enough for me, I'm fat."  To which my buddy said "So Why Are You Fat?"  And after I pinched off his elfing little head.... ha ha

Truly, the cool thing was there was NO Malice, NO Guilt, NO Judgment on his part.  Just one buddy wanting the other buddy to keep jumping.  And make no mistake about it, the Fat comment was simply a reflection of the "lame" excuse I had used.  And he instantly knew it was lame.  Kids, children, babies KNOW stuff.  Stuff that 'grown-ups" with knowledge and wisdom are supposed to know.  We only THINK it's hard to teach a nearing middle aged dog new tricks.  If we listened to our youth more often, we'd probably learn so much more.

So I pledge to look at stuff with amazement and wonder.  And to be completely loco and jump around if I want to.  And listen.  Really listen to Youth.  Maybe I will learn some more things that I might have forgotten.   Jump, jump!!!  (Saltar!)

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