Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gut Inspiration

I've often attributed my desire to please at all costs to many different things:  Being an only child, Being a Pisces, and on a rare occasion Being a doormat.   I do like to make other people happy.  And, unfortunately, sometimes I make or try to make others happy at the expense of denying myself happiness.

I respect those who say they will "X" and then follow through.   I try to be that person.  At times, I realize far in advance that "X" will be problematic, but I will agree to "X" and hope for the best.  I don't think this is for my highest good, but I haven't mastered the art of "NO".  I also haven't been able to clearly mark my own boundaries.  I working on both the Mastering and the Marking.  (Sounds like doggy training.)

This blog isn't about any one specific thing.  It's about a myriad of things that happen often, and how I deal with these things.  I had two things planned for this evening.  But what I want to do most of all is Yoga.  Fortunately, one of the two plans I have been able to successfully move to tomorrow.  The other thing WILL be shelved but exactly how I accomplish it, I don't currently know.  And that "shelving" will be done to make ME happy.  I hope it doesn't make another too unhappy, but today I feel I need to be the Happy One First.  (And as one of my friends knows, I've put off an early morning walk from this morning to Friday, so today must be about re-arranging for me.)

And again, fortunately, this "shelving" isn't life or death, it's simply a re-arrangement of my schedule.

The title of today's blog is Gut Inspiration.  It truly sums up where I am today.  My gut says re-arrange and postpone and seek inner happiness first.  And so I say YES to myself and "to heaven with the other plans".  And let me be very very specific, I am  BLESSING these shelved plans.  It's all for the GOOD!

Be good to yourself first.  (Here comes that air mask analogy again.  LOL)

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