Monday, November 8, 2010

Morton Salt

The saying on the box of Morton's Salt says it all:  "When It Rains, It Pours."

Thankfully, the rain can be rains of blessings.  Not always, but I have hope for more days of blessings than not.

There seems to be a potential that a close relative might be developing a form of dementia.  While I'm not sure, it does seem that way to me and to a couple of others.  Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, I don't believe in sweeping something this important under the rug, or looking the other way to avoid potential pain.  Neither of those options will have a positive outcome.

This morning, I learned two things and neither of them made me happy.  My step-mom called to say my dad is in the  hospital with Pneumonia.  And this, two days before my step-mom is to have a much awaited surgery.  Not happy times.  Of course I want both of them well and healthy and happy, but it seems that one will have to wait for the other.  Unfortunately, the one waiting will suffer the longest.

The other news was that a check from client was returned.  And it wasn't a small check.  This could have the potential to make Dan an unhappy camper.  Especially since I held the check for 5 weeks to await funding. 

Like the salt from the box, today it's pouring.  And true to the salt analogy, it feels like "Salt In A Wound."

Now comes my part!  For as long as I've been blogging, I been extolling the virtues of being Kind to myself, to making Positive Decisions AND to Expect the BEST.  Truthfully, I can not change any of the above things.  "Stuff DOES Happen."  But how I DEAL with that Stuff will define ME.

Today, I look good (blue shirt to minimize the blood shot eyes (j/k)), Feel Good and I'm Optimistic (Cock-eyed and otherwise).  Just like my upcoming Half Marathon this coming Sunday, I expect to finish and finsh strong.  Today, I choose to be strong.  To handle what I can handle (with a blessing) and most assurely put a tremendous blessing on those things that I can NOT handle.  I've heard the phrase"Let Go and Let God."  Okay, I will and I do!

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