Saturday, June 30, 2012

Road to Fifty - Part 5

It seems that as time rolls along, the world does still RE-volve.  And we inhabitants E-volve. 

I did have such a great time in Hawaii.  It had so many highs and none involved herbs.  haha.  It seemed funny that a place so associated with pot seemed so removed from pot.  No Maui Wowi smells the entire trip.  However, when I returned to LA, there was more Maui than in all of Hawaii.  haha.  Times do e-volve.

Years ago I heard that the brighter the Light becomes the more intense the Darkness becomes.  How many times have we walked into a dark room from outside in the bright sunshine and become temporarily blinded by the change.  Thankfully, so many people in my life are embracing Light and goodness and fun and frivolity....  I am goofy and funny and fun-loving and I try to surround myself with others with the same outlook.  Oh, if you know me, you know I can bitch about that grain of sand in my shoe or the rock on the beautiful beach that I stub my toe on.  It's not that hard.  And even though it's not a part of my nature that I like so much, I do need to "vent" or "get it out of my system" somedays.  How else will I be able to ascertain if I'm all the way nuts or just skirting the issue of nutdom?  So somedays my chums get to hear about my presumed trials and tribulations.  But for the most part, I do really try to be positive.  And again, so many of friends are the same.

Lately I've noticed that the "Dark" seems to be intesifying in some.  I see people do and say things that I thought were completely off limtes.  I see some drive like maniacs with absolutely no regard to others safety.  I've had to make a conscious decision lately to just hang back and let them do it their way; and, I maintain a distance to keep myself safe and sound.

When Solomon prayed for Wisdom, God gave him trials.  I think that example in the Bible so relates to everyday life and love.  And since I'm a wee bit chicken, I pray for Half Wisdom so I will only get half the trials. 

Peace and Love! 

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