Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sixth Road to Fifty

It seems like I might have gone "Off Road" but not really. 

After returning from Hawaii I've been busy with work.  Last weekend I went to the "Land of Sister Wives" for my 18th Half marathon.  The first 7.5 miles were truly downhill.  We had a time limit to get out of the park and we made.  We meaning me and the others in the Back of the Pack warrior group.  We made it out at an average pace of nearly 16 minutes a mile.  That's slow compared to the majority of runners, but for me, I usually average 20 minutes per mile, this was a GREAT accomplishment.  The next 5.5 miles were at a considerably slower pace dragging my overall time down, but still I finished ahead of my usual time, so I was very happy.

To say that Utah is clean might be an understatement.  Salt Lake City is the cleanest metropolitan city I have ever been in.  And while I do generally poke fun at everyone, these Mormons scared me a little.  They are a little too clean and bright and sunny and fucking happy.  I don't think it's natural without drugs.  The water did taste a little funny.  I hope it's drugs and not that I'm going to turn up pregnant.  They do seem a fertile group.  VERY fertile.  To hear people casually mention "her and her five kids"  blah blah blah and not "oh shit, she's got Five, count 'em FIVE kids" seems a little unique to me.  OK, it seems fucked up, not unique.  But who am I to say, if someone is Happy, I do think that's an accomplishment.  It just seemed a little dirty or repressed to me.  But I drink....

So let's see where the next Half marathon takes me.  BTW, I have done 18 (I said so above, haha).  I have done one in 10 states with California making up all of the others and representing the 11th state.

Rant coming soon!


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