Thursday, August 2, 2012

RANTING on the Road to Fifty

It's a FUCKING Chicken sandwich. 

I grew up with Chick-fil-a (CFA).  I also grew up mighty religious.  And these religious views were preached over and over to us.  Let me give you some examples:

BLACKS were an inferior race.  They were struck black either at the Tower of Babel or were descendants of Cain. 
Jews - Going to Hell
Catholics - Going to Hell
Most everyone outside of the Free Will Baptist religion were going to Hell.  According to the FBW church if just before dying in a head on car collision, you said "Oh Fuck Me!" you were going to Hell.  You must be forgiven by Christ or no heaven for you.  It was almost as bad as no chicken on Sunday.

We never cared whether CFA was open on Sunday, we were either at the steakhouse or at the Holiday Inn for the buffet lunch.  And trust me the H.I. was fierce and was overseen by a big woman who was such a delight: Mrs Kathleen Oringer.  (BTW, a Catholic, but it didn't matter, she was handing the food people.)

So of late, all of this bruhaha about CFA has been quite troubling to me.  So let me tell you my thoughts:

The more some of us move towards equality and peace of mind, the more some will rebel against it.  I have seen some people post some things that have shocked me.  "He is worried Gays will marry?"  "She supports US?"  They said what?  Oh heaven help us.  Some people who I never thought would be one way or the other have surprised me.  Some nice surprises and some not so nice surprises.  I have mostly stayed out of the fray for a few reasons:

1.  I don't want to spend time on negative shit that I can't fix
2.  I'd rather influence quietly rather than beat someone over the head

And here is some reasons why I think that Gay people are behind in this country.  We have allowed ourselves to become second class citizens.  The Ultra-Rich queers don't really care.  They write a check.  Why is Ellen not all over this?  Because of sponsors.  And she wants to be picked up for some more seasons.  I don't know that I am mad at her, but I do see it.  (See I have apathy!)

And then there are the "gay supporters".  I dislike Kathy Griffin.  And let me rant why.  She is all for "her gays" yet she couldn't stop talking about Clay Gaiken.  Or Gay Aiken.  Or whatever she kept calling Clay Aiken.  Funny that she could go on and on about him and no one stood up and said enough.  Maybe he just wanted to build his career like Ellen wants to build hers. 

Or what I consider the opposite:  Ricky Martin.  No queer thought he was straight, but until he semi-retired, he wasn't talking.  If you don't want to come out, don't.  But please don't ask me to love your Vida Loco once you do.  (OH RM didn't necessarily want me to like him, but almost every gay publication did.)  Until WE stop accepting one group making fun of ANY of us and demand our equal rights, we will remain in second class.

I for one will not be at CFA tomorrow for the kiss-in.  But if I wanted to I would. 

Let me be clear:

I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYONE.  Accept me or don't, I can not be bothered to worry about your opinion.  And for me, I won't delete F/B friends (or any other social site) who don't like Fags.  I want to see my opposition.  And for me, I will convert a few to my side.  It will just be slowly and quietly.

RANT over!
(I promise to make the next post funny.)

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