Sunday, April 1, 2012

Short on the Short

I was so long winded (you ask what's new, ha ha) on the last post that this one will be much shorter on the Short

Our spoof of American Horror Story is titled "Cooks With Looks".  It's a partial parody plus an actual cooking show.  The recipe works perfectly.  So I will give you a few of pictures as hints of my upcoming character.  (See I am a character, not my scar!) 

Here is the first one.

Fortunately, there is a jacket to my "original" Jacques Pennoise.  Or else those flapping in the breeze bat wings would show up.

Me in the chair.  Fortunately it wasn't Electric...

aside:  Notice the two "Vanity" pictures of me in the hall.  Now I only have about 6 or 7 pictures of me displayed.  Before it was about 25 or 30.  I'm trying to minimize. 

Next up is my face sans scar

And next up is a picture that should have been included with the last blog post.  Maybe when I see Dr F to remove my scar, I can ask him to remove those CoAcH bags from under my eyes.  Fuck, even the beautiful most wrinkle....

The make-up man and one of the stars of the short (same person) is phenomenal.  So wait for the wig, lipstick and the jacket and you will see what Jessica Lange would look like if she didn't smoke, ate like a field hand and drank about the same. 

The short will drop before Easter, so I will be "Tooting" my own horn soon.  VERY Soon!!!

We finished about 70- 80% last night and will wrap tonight.  Wish us luck!

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