Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

When I was a little boy Easter was always a "special" time to see people at church.  Usually, they were wearing a new "Frock" (another word that isn't used much these days).  If you were a girl you definitely had a new outfit to impress Jesus, maybe??  I mean, I didn't see Heidi Klum or Jessica Simpson judging, but maybe Jesus did.  However, was there judgment the other 51 weeks a year when Easter wasn't?  Weren't those weeks important too?  Twisted minds want to know...

But thruly it was truly a festive celebratory time.  Even though I was never a morning person as a child, I did enjoy Easter sunrise service.  We would get up way before sunrise, and drive to church for a service.  The sun would rise at some point during the service and slowly flood the santuary with natural lighting.  Maybe that's where I got my love for "Just So" lighting.  And since then I've learned that the SHADOWS can be equally as important as the LIGHT.  (Simply depends on the location!)
Often people came to Easter service that didn't come any other time of the year.  Unlike Catholics who are church-heavy at both Easter and Christmas, for the Free Will Baptists*, we were an Easter bunch.  So here we are so many days and years since I was a young one attending the FWB Easter service.  And...
Now I am the one wearing the Frock (see attached clip).

This is a parody that I participated in last weekend.  We had such a blast!  Much more about this in the future.


*Free Will Baptists:  You have FREE WILL to go to HELL anytime, anywhere, just eff up once and you're in the express lane to see Lucifer!  (Unless you make a GOOD U-turn quickly!)

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