Monday, March 5, 2012


I was so excited when last year I scheduled a vacation to Geneva.  When I found out there was a Half Marathon in Paris the weekend before Geneva, I added that to my trip list.  As things so, Best Laid Plans are often premature.

I picked up a new acctng client and that client has proven to be extremely hyper-active.  And H-A translates into dough for me.  And I like dough.  (See my waistline.  ha ha)  At the end of the day, I ended up postponing my European vacation in favor of making extra money with this new client.  Originally, I thought "Oh I can do that remotely."  How wrong I was.  I was in LA last Friday to complete their first month-end.  I worked non-stop for over 10 hours to get that accomplished and I rocked the joint.  I would NEVER have been able to do it remotely.

I listed to my gut, intuition, little voice (whatever you wanna call it) and it was the right decision.  But I did check the Continental website to see my plan to Paris depart on Thursday and checked on it too see that it arrived on Friday.  I do hope it was a happy flight for the others.  :)

So I've taken a short trip to NYC to placate my travel bug.  I've had a good time while I've been here, but I have discovered I'm tired.  62-64 work hours last week has my my kitty muy tired.

More later as to what I have done while I've been here.

I have essentially be still and resting since the biking accident and yesterday I realized just how little movement I've had since Feb. 12th.  So I'm out to walk part of Manhattan.  Report in laters, gators!


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