Saturday, February 18, 2012

That's The Way It (Read I) Went Down - Part 4

So I waited until Saturday.  I have not had an easy time weening myself off of the pain killers.  I have been 2 days with only 1/2 of a pill.  And I am beginning to understand more.  But this I will come to later.

Just before I left the hospital, I was nearly ready to scream in desperation.  That darned neck brace was hurting like hell.  But the Doc wanted one more CT scan of my face to see that I didn't have any facial fractures.  So I went for another scan and that too came back with no detected fractures or internal bleeding.  Thank heavens!  On being wheeled back toward my pod (4 bays with sheet enclosures) I was stopped in the hall and lined up on the wall.  Nurse Angel came by.  She said "we needed to put you here...." I interrupted by saying "Oh yeah, a paying customer has arrived.  Yay...."  To which she answered, "Well yes, but I thought you'd particularly like a view."  Wait for it....

Earlier Nurse Angel heard me softly giggling.  Upon asking why was "Dan" giggling now, I replied, "Do you think I have time to make the Mac counter at Macy's before closing time?"  She assured me that Mac would have to wait.  Foretelling of how bad I was.  (But Nurse Angel knew me a little better.)

SO, when they did roll in the next patient, whose Mom had full insurance, they brought to me, ME mind you, a perfect specimen on college aged wrestler.  Seems poor baby had been dropped on his head and wasn't moving.  But Lordy was he hubba-bubba.  5'10", 190, bleached blond and nearly hairless.  I needed more oxygen.  Nurse Angel told me I could NOT help him with a sponge bath.  I try, honestly, I try to help!  ha ha

Soon afterwards, Nurse Angel and Sister Jetson set about to get Dan "liberated."  We can't reach Cola at the Hotel, so they work within the hospital to secure me $10 cash and a cab that will take me back to the Hotel for that amount.  They help me up, find me the least stylish top to wear (hell it was free, sorta) and they help me up to walk around a little while the bean counters get together the necessary forms to release me.  Finally Nurse Angel comes and gets me and walks me out to the front entrance.

The next portion is a reminder of how God shows up in my life.  Nurse Angel assembled ALL of my paperwork, including my prescription, gathered me enough ointment to last until Easter for my face and arms and knees and then she walks me out to show me where to wait for the cab.  Then she HUGS me.  A real hug.  And tells me that she's there until 7 and again on Sunday and if there is ANYTHING I need, to come see her personally.  One Million dollars would not have made me any happier.  (HAPPY, but Not Happier!)

The cab took me back to the Hotel, the front desk clerk remembered me and gave me another key withOUT a question.  (She also sent up a bottle of wine as a "Get Better Soon" gift.)

So I go in the room and COLA is laid out like the Queen of Fucking Sheba waiting for the slaves to fan her.  And hasn't even listened to the message.  BASTARD!!!!   ha ha

Truthfully, he had just gotten in and assumed the message was from house-keeping.  They usually leave a "want more towels....." message.  So I gave Cola a rash of shit and then we set off to "git 'er done." 

Some things take a minute.  Some things fall into place without a hitch.  All in all the rest of the entire experience was quick and mostly painless for me.  (Especially once I got the script filled. ha ha)

Cola did a great job on his 55 mile bike ride (which became 65) and on his Half Marathon too.  He did go home with a BRICK.  I however, went home with a LUMP.  There are bright sides......

So here I am today.  One week later.  Not 100% but a damned site closer.


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  1. Looking much better already!!! Going back to being the Dan we know...