Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Most Satisfying Morning

It's been such a long time since I last blogged.  Not that I didn't have anything to say, but I simply didn't feel the spirit move to do so.

Over the weekend in a little reflective meditation came the idea:

"Spending a Lifetime trying to Forget, often makes it Hard to Remember."  I posted that sentiment to f/b and thought I was done with it.  But this morning brought it back to my thoughts.

I have been in need of a Dermatologist for quite sometime.  I have a friend who is the Art Director for Frontiers magazine and they have tons of ads.  Recently, Frontiers issued its annual Business Directory and I picked up one and found a dermatologist who is literally around the block from me.  I walked 2 half blocks and I was at his office building.  Unless he makes house calls, it doesn't get much easier.  The staff greeted me warmly and it wasn't long before I met Dr Franco.  What a wonderful kind and gentle soul.  We discussed my reasons for being there and he listened, not in a hurry or rush, and then went about doing his doctor things.  We chatted and got to know each other.  A doctor.  I learned he has a home in Philadelphia which he visits about every 5 weeks and he loves Phillie.  And all the while, he works and chats and is genuinely a nice person and a professional.

After leaving his office I run across the street for some health food, coffee and a chocolate doughnut, and I run into the beauty supply store.  They are always so helpful and interested in selling you things.  (See, I think this is the way you are supposed to run a business.  Not texting, selling.)  From there I go over to pay my rent and see a woman who works at Rite Aid and she and I chat for a couple of minutes.  Then chat with the people at the Apt office and pay my rent.  Then on to the pharmacy to pick up my script and meet the pharmacist (not Rite Aid, that's for coffee and creamer when I'm out).  Bill, the pharmacist and I chat about my script, the fact that my namesake, Danny White played for AZ state and the Dallas Cowboys.  blah blah blah

Truly I have spent my life not wanting to live in NC.  I don't dislike NC, I just don't want to live there.  Perhaps in someways, I have spent my lifetime trying to forget.  But not so much.  I just wanted a change of pace, place and attitude.  But the one thing I have always kept constant is my desire to know the people around me.  I shop at the same stores, eat in the same restaurants and go to the same places where people remember me, or make an effort to remember me.  Funny enough, I often describe my life as being a gypsy.  But the truth is, I look for community at every step of my life.  That's why I do talk to the person at the bus bench, do greet others on an elevator and do try to bring and leave and pick up sunshine every chance I get.

So here's to saying HI again after such a long time of no blogging.


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